• Checklist for Success - 3 Ways To Optimize Your Job Search Effectiveness

  • By Kelvin Kaufman, MA" Executive Career Expert
    While the job market outlook is optimistic, the competition for top, sought-after positions is still fierce. Talent managers and human resources recruiters may sometimes receive thousands of resumes in response to a single posting. How do you stand out?  How do you get that interview?  How do you create demand for your brand?  The following outlines a proactive approach.  Readers must note that each tip merits far greater attention than is possible here, but this provides a good starting point for a winning job search.

    The more you know about a prospective employer or industry segment, the more effective your initial approach will be and the more control you will have in highlighting the elements of your career at interviews.  Understanding the needs of specific industries (especially if you are making a career shift) and current issues they are experiencing will help you package and present yourself more effectively.   Industry publications and corporate websites will provide you a wealth of relevant information.

    Your resume must not merely outline your scope of responsibilities and key accomplishments.  It must  clarify your contributions within the value-chain.  It also must detail your strategic leadership and outline your process architecture contributions.  What differentiates preferred candidates from the majority of applicants who appear 'average' is a resume presentation that says - "this is clearly a winner who can offer more value than the rest".   If you want a no-nonsense resume that helps you stand out and stay ahead, visit www.BestResponseResume.com to discover how to turbo-boost the power of your message.
    It remains true that more than sixty percent of opportunities are filled through contacts. The most challenging aspect for the job seeker is handling 'quid pro quo'.  How do you give back and not just be a taker or a user?  You want colleagues to refer you!  What's in it for them?  You have to give in order to receive.  One of the smartest ways to network is to ask for advice instead of help.  This demonstrates respect for the other party and makes it easier for a person who knows you to be receptive to assisting you in your quest. 

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