• Smarter Executive Job Search: 2 Savvy Strategies To Help You Secure Better Career Opportunities In This Market

  • By Dan Richmond, MA of www.BestResponseResume.com (27,000+ job-winning resumes, 99% success)
    Are you looking for a new job?  According to statistics, there is a good chance you are.  In a recent survey, over 40% of currently employed senior managers and executives indicated that they are 'actively' looking for a new position.  Another 45% indicated said they are 'passively' looking.  Here are the 2 essential strategies that will help you stay competitive, save time and get the job you want.

    Reality: This job market is unlike any other market we've known.  Offshore outsourcing, corporate scandals and political issues are just some of the realities one must consider when advancing in his/her executive career.  Looking for a job is no longer as simple as mailing out a few applications and waiting.  The rules have changed.

    What You Can Do:  Employers are interested in hiring executives who are on top the changes in business and technology, as they apply to their respective industries.  Your impressive career background is great, but unquestionable long-term potential and keen awareness of current industry challenges and a coherently conveyed ability to handle them are paramount.   Companies are increasingly looking for 'fast forward' executive leaders rather than merely qualified executive applicants.  When applying for any job, clearly explain why you will be the most valuable asset for the future growth, change and survival of your new employer.   Focus on your future benefits and immediate advantages, instead of past victories.      

    Reality:   Employers are over-saturated by repetitive, canned, and often meaningless messages presented in executive resumes.   With the advances in word processing software, canned and template-based resume formats became so common that most employers and recruiters now give them little consideration.  Thus, an average executive with a better resume has an unfair advantage over a more competent contender with an ordinary-looking resume.      

    What You Can Do:  When it comes to your resume, don't follow the masses.  Make your message appealing to employers and recruiters by properly differentiating yourself from the rest.   Strategically structure your message as an easy-to-accept 'proposal' instead of a dry 'list' of functions and achievements.   When you start your job search with a strong, distinctive and clearly superior resume content, you automatically generate more employer interest and position yourself as a preferred applicant. 

    CAREER TIP OF THE WEEK:  Employers want to see a new executive recruit as a good investment.  If you are seeking a position at the $150,000 salary level and stay with an employer for 3 years, you will receive $450,000 in total salary. Make certain that you expressly articulate (in your documents and interviews) why bringing you on board will pay dividends. Provide realistic financial benefits an employer will gain from hiring you. 

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