• Statistics for head hunters in San Diego, California

  • Over the years, the San Diego technology sector has seen considerable and consistent growth. It is currently one of the leading sectors, together with tourism and defense. The technology sector has a projected growth of an average 261 jobs every year, until the year 2020. Earnings are also significant in this sector, with a software engineer earning an average wage of $103,916 per annum.

    The professional and business services sector is a major employer, with over 235,000 people working in this sector as of February 2015. Leading professions in this sector include marketing and sales managers. Recruiters can help fill these positions easily, as the average earning for a sales manager are $121,990 per annum, whereas for a marketing manager, $132,550 per year.

    San Diego also has the largest navy fleet in the country, and for that reason, there are a myriad of jobs available with the Navy Defense forces. Headhunters can seek people with qualifications in aerospace, navigation and maritime technology to fill these available jobs.

    As it is along the coast, tourism is also a growing sector, with jobs in hospitality and leisure registering marginal growth over the years.

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