• Top Dos and Don'ts of Working With a Recruiter

  • 1) DO: Be specific about your needs. Define what you want--and what you don't want--in a future employee. Determine desired skills, education, and experience, and be sure to share your hiring objectives.

    2) DON'T: Forget to give feedback. If a candidate doesn't meet your needs, provide detailed feedback as to why--in a quick and timely manner. Often, when recruiters don't receive fast feedback, they refocus their time and energy on employers who appear 'more serious.' Treat a recruiter as a partner--and respect their time--and you'll receive prime attention and top priority.

    3) DO: Take advantage of helpful resources and services. Many firms offer more than just placement services. See if your recruiter offers salary guides, negotiation support, talent management strategies, or replacement guarantees.

    4) DON'T: Work with multiple recruiters for one placement. If prospects hear about your opening from two or more firms, they may feel as if your company has a quick turnover or that your opportunity isn't as unique or valuable as they'd like it to be.

     5) DO: Work with Web Recruiters Directory to find the perfect recruiting firm for your company. We can help you find a reputable recruiter based on specialty, location, coverage, and more.