• Top recruiting opportunities in Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Recruiters in search of a booming financial sector should set their sights on Charlotte, North Carolina. As the second largest financial centre in the United States, it is always possible to discover excellent vacant positions in this sector.

    In addition to financial activities, major industries include professional and business which registered growth of 3.2% as of June 2015, and the defence industry as four of the top ten defence-related companies are found in Charlotte.

    There are limited opportunities in the manufacturing industry, where growth has dropped from 3.1% in January 2015, to 1.8% in June 2015. Recruiters can take advantage of the pool of talent in the market, as approximately 32% of the working population have college degrees.

    Recruiters can provide talented professionals to fill up jobs that pay well in the financial sector. Those working in Financial Operations can earn an average of $70,020 annually, and for those in management within this industry, salaries may be in excess of $134,490.

    There are also great opportunities for those migrating to the city. 7300 jobs were filled by migrants in 2014. This could also be due to the living expenses in Charlotte being 1.3 below the national average as of 2014.

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