• Employment & recruitment news in El-Paso, Texas

  • Recruiters will find there are vacancies to fill in El-Paso, Texas, as there are many people who emigrate from this state to the rest of the country. The total workforce by June 2015 has 339,000, a decline from 344,000 in January 2015.

    The unemployment rate is the same as the national average, at 5.3%. There is limited growth in almost all the industries in El-Paso, presenting room for recruiters to find suitable qualified candidates from outside the city.

    The declining industries include mining, logging and construction, which has gone down from -4.5% growth to -6.5% growth in the period between January to June 2015. Another industry that has also declined is financial activities, which has gone down from -1.7% growth to -4.1% between January and June 2015.

    The industry that has the most promise, and employs a large number of people is education, with more than 42,100 employed. An education administrator can earn an average of $94,550 per year. Leading employers in this sector include the University of Texas, El-Paso, and Texas Tech University.

    Other opportunities exist in several Fortune 500 companies in the city, including Hoover, Delphi and Boeing.

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