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Employment and recruitment in Memphis, Tennessee

Recruiters with access to a pool of logistics experts will find a wide array of opportunities in Memphis, Tennessee. This is because Memphis is a transportation hub, particularly for cargo.

Memphis International Airport is the second largest cargo airport on the globe, and the city also has a Class 1 railroad. The largest economic sector in Memphis is the trade, transportation and utilities sector, which employed over 167,500 people as of July 2015.

With this thriving logistics industry, the largest employer is FedEx Corp with a total of 32,000 employees as of the end of 2014. Recruiters can fill professional logistics positions in this company which is the largest private employer in the city.

The unemployment rate in Memphis is higher than the national average. As of July 2015, the national average was at 5.5%, though it was 7.0% in Memphis. This is possible because the wages in Memphis are lower than the national average in most occupations.

Professionals have the opportunity to earn substantial salaries in key areas. A Logistics or Transportation manager can earn an average of $80,380 per year. The low cost of living which is 4.2% which is below the national average makes this an attractive city to move to.

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