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The growth of the internet may give the impression that the printing industry is in rapid decline. This may actually be a massive misconception. The print industry continues to thrive, particularly when it comes to commercial printing. Now, the printing industry continues to expand, adding a variety of positions that printing head hunters are in a position to fill. These positions include packaging, as well as web to print information for qualified personnel. Printing search firms are tasked with finding highly skilled individuals with the right qualifications to fill positions in printing as they arise.

Key positions that are available in the printing industry for printing head hunters to fill include Print Production Managers, Creative Project Managers and Publishing Consultants. The largest employers in the print industry include Arko Custom, BDT AG, Gilson Graphics and Midtown Printing and Copy Center. As long as businesses need to market, there will be demand for jobs in the printing industry.

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They will present the most qualified candidates to the hiring organization for further review and interviews. In the United States, the recruiting industry is large and diverse, with recruiters of all types and specializations. Some recruiters are independent consultants, while others work for large recruiting firms. Some firms may be focused on a specific industry or job function, while others may be more generalist.

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Recruiting firms can help quickly fill open positions since their staff has the experience and processes for identifying top talent out of their talent network. The efficient hiring process frees up HR to deal with more important tasks and shortens time-to-hire.

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Hiring agencies have access to a large pool of candidates, they can determine which would be the most qualified for each open position, narrowing down the volume of applications for consideration and reducing candidate clutter.

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