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Revolution in job search

A new service creates a revolution in the way job seekers search for jobs.

Do you want to make searching for a better job, faster and easier?  If you answered, “Yes”, then you will need to manage your time efficiently and effectively by using job search engines.  There’s a lot of advice on the Web regarding how best to use job search engines. Some will say you should use the top job search engines only. And others will say:Don’t limit your job searching to the top sites, but use smaller niche sites that focus on a particular career field or geographic location.

But the truth is that in today’s competitive market, if you don’t check them all, you’ll most likely miss out on the perfect job. Combine that with the fact that most employers find qualified applicants within the first batch of resumes they receive, and you quickly learn this really is a numbers game. The way to increase your chances is to have a high-quality resume-and to have it reach as many good fits as quickly as possible. This can be very time-consuming, especially if you are using several different sites during your job quest.

To reduce your time using online job boards, consider using a site such as MyJobhunter.com, which does the work for you. MyJobHunter.com was designed to collect job requests from major and minor job search sites, company sites, and associations that post job requests. You can save yourself hours of data entry and frustration, by entering your resume and search criteria in one central location, instead of creating logins, passwords, and uploading resumes for each job board you access.

You will receive daily reminders and postings from just one source-which makes tracking your progress that much easier. In today’s busy world and tough market, every step taken to make your search more productive, is one step closer to getting the job you want.

We found that MyJobHunter.com can provide the following benefits, and will give you the extra edge you need in this tough job market:

  • Searches all the top career sites at once and in one place.
  • Applies to job requests and postings when they are new and fresh-increasing the likelihood that your resume will be read.
  • Searches, finds, and applies to more jobs—increasing your chances for success.
  • Finds a job faster and decreases the time that you are unemployed.
  • Personalizes your cover letter for each job application without your having to do it.
  • Provides a comprehensive report selection that offers a history of the jobs you’ve applied to—as well as when the application was submitted—giving you better control of your search.

Their website is: www.myjobhunter.com

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