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Information for recruiters in Phoenix, Arizona

The protective services in Phoenix are planning to expand this year. The main reason is to create a balance and equal workforce that represents all the communities in the region. Currently, the white community is overrepresented. More than 600 positions are available with the Phoenix Police force. This is a major sector which offers reasonable remuneration of an average $42,750 per year.

The good news for recruiters is that the majority of those available positions are for racial and cultural minorities and women.

The fastest growing sector is professional business services, which say grew from 4.5% to 5.3% between January and February of 2015. In Phoenix, the average pay is $99,700 per year for those in management positions, therefore, there is heightened demand for these positions due to the attractive remuneration packages.

Recruiters also have massive opportunity within the construction industry. In 2011, the sector added in excess of 11,000 jobs, and it continues to grow to date. It has been slated as one of the fastest growing construction sectors in the United States of America.

The mining and logging industry continues to see a consistent decline, registering only 3,300 workers as of February 2015.

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