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Recruitment & employment demand in Detroit, Michigan

The rapid economic boom that has taken place in Detroit has opened up a vast array for employment opportunities. It is expected that by the end of 2015, there will be 59,400 job vacancies that will be filled. Recruiters are integral to ensuring that all these opportunities for work are taken up with the best candidates.

The largest industry is currently Professional and Business Services, which employed 382,100 individuals as at June 2015. The fastest growing sector is Mining, Logging and Construction, which has seen growth up to 15.3% in June 2015, up from 10% in June 2014.

The industry that is experiencing a decline is Information, where growth was at -1.1% as at June 2015. Recruiters should attempt to fill positions in this industry, as there are numerous opportunities available for software development and professionals who specialise in network security.

Detroit presents great prospects for recruiters, as it has more jobs being left vacant due to a lack of skilled candidates to take up the positions. Nursing positions are in high demand, and salaries average $151,720 per year. In the information sector, software developers can earn an average of $87,800 per year.

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