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10 Best Employer of Record Services in 2023

Although it is a struggle for the majority of businesses, opening up to global marketplaces is necessary for intercontinental competition. For this reason, companies are hiring people from outside their countries, which presents difficulties. Do not fret, though, because we’ll show you how to become an employer of service.

A third party that works with employers to find international talent is known as the employer of record (EOR). This partner addresses employee matters, such as payroll management, tax deductions, and simplifying the onboarding process.

The Benefits of Employer of Record Services

  • Time and money spending decreases because you won’t have to create any legal entities in the many nations where you wish to acquire talent if you have an employer of record as a partner. The EOR company will manage the employee’s hiring, paperwork, and payroll, and you can work with them in many other locations.


  • Although these businesses are not staffing agencies, some have partnerships with them and may assist with hiring as part of their services.


Although the employer of record allows the finance industry to function from any location in the world, one of the employer of record challenges is choosing the ideal partner for the job. So, to help you start a business anywhere, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten global employer of record services for 2023.

The Best Employer of Record Service Providers in 2023

1. PapayaGlobal

PapayaGlobal heads our list of the best global employer of record service, which can simplify payments in various nations, make onboarding more manageable, and manage all employees. This platform seeks to revolutionize payroll processing globally, making it the ideal partner for workers from different nations. 

By utilizing technology to eliminate errors and ensure compliance, organizations involved in hiring and staff management can also use this platform. They have a mechanism for managing global equity that guarantees workplace equality for all employees. Customers of PapayaGlobal include Microsoft, Intel, Toyota, Fivver, and others. 

Without altering your current payroll system, employers may enjoy PapayaGlobal’s cutting-edge automation, security, and business intelligence. Additionally, this service provides a free trial but costs businesses monthly.

2. Oyster 

Do you wish to employ, pay, and support your staff internationally? Then Oyster is your best employer of record service provider. This platform encourages equality by enabling employers everywhere to recruit people.

Their dashboard allows you to approve payroll, monitor your staff, and modify your compliance status. The best aspect is that oysters in their nations provide liability protection and intellectual property protection through IP agreements. Quora, Impala, and Grover are a few of their clients.

You can work with up to two contractors using Oyster’s free plan, which also has a low monthly price. Nevertheless, they offer a set charge that varies depending on where you find talent.

3. Shield GEO 

Shield GEO has expanded to more than 50 countries, managing local payment and employment difficulties and other business-related duties, including hiring staff and contractors. This employer of record solution also provides legal and immigration services, including help in securing visas and work permits.

Due to its well-organized services, businesses may access local talent, enhance employee retention, and determine the cost of foreign expansion. Their managers are constantly looking for ways to eliminate non-compliance and encourage the efficient operation of the company.

4. Remote 

This employer of record solution is our top employer of record services because they have legal companies in the nations where they do business. The remote solution operates independently, making it dependable and adaptable in terms of price and performance. GitLab, Paystalk, Loom, and other companies are a few of their clients.

Remote has assisted businesses in going global by employing workers and independent contractors and managing payment systems. Together with other critical HR systems like BambooHR, Greenhouse, and AngelList Talent, enterprises can readily connect payroll data in the HR digital ecosystem.

5. Foxhire 

Foxhire handles a variety of tasks, including administrative, financial, insurance, and legal concerns. As your partner, we take good care of your employees’ organisational needs, such as payroll and benefits administration. The foxhire solution benefits also include managing employee termination, security checks, and employee onboarding.

In addition to offering personalized pricing, Foxhire is quite helpful for addressing immigration concerns, tax compliance, and health insurance coverage.

6. Airswift 

Airswift provides service solutions that have long offered quick solutions for businesses in the mining, process, transport, and energy sectors. It provides coverage for all legal entities in the more than 60 nations where it conducts business, ensuring that enterprises can establish operations without breaking the law. 

Additionally, it manages immigration by sponsoring visas and work permits and ensuring local laws adhere. Airswift provides employee remuneration, benefits administration, and employee/business migration as needed in terms of company promotion.

7. GoGlobal

GoGlobal is a privately held EOR service provider with extensive industry knowledge and constantly expanding. This service provider, which operates in more than 50 countries, chooses not to look for a third-party solution to working in other parts of the world, making it smaller than other companies.

Despite being a fledgling company, it makes good use of its numbers by being trustworthy and responsive to the needs of its customers. GoGlobal has collaborated with businesses in the food delivery, social media, streaming, and tech industries. The cost of this solution varies, nevertheless, according to the country and the quantity of personnel you require.

8. Velocity Global 

Dealing with the difficulties when working with distributed teams is Velocity Global’s principal goal. It assists you in finding top people, paying your staff, and ensuring compliance. This solution is well-known in the US and offers features like risk reduction and staff management.

Velocity Global’s clients benefited from time assistance and fantastic service managers to guarantee the company stays domestic and complies with current tax and labor legislation.

9. Multiplier

Do you intend to employ people anywhere in the world? The multiplier is the best employer of record service provider, ensuring that your company quickly enters the global market. You can collaborate with them to oversee payroll, hire foreign talent, and authorise travel charges for your employees.

You may provide your employees with perks and oversee everything about their wellbeing on a single platform by using bespoke insurance policies. Additionally, multiplier ensures that you comply with regional business rules with its team of more than 100 legal professionals.

10. Deel

Deel is one of the employer of record labels with expertise in global payroll for distributed teams. You may hire workers from a variety of nations and manage payroll, taxes, and compliance using the Deel portal.

Deel registration is free, and you can utilize their tools at your convenience to examine your needs. However, if you’ve agreed to join the team, you’ll be charged per the type of work you have, such as a contract or a full-time position.


Deciding on how to become an employer of record needs careful consideration and study. To determine whether to run your company internally or make use of the global employer of record services, you must assess the advantages and disadvantages of the employer of record. To learn more about how an EOR solution functions in the nations where you wish to expand your business, do your homework before choosing one. But with our list of the best employer of record services, we are confident that you will receive the most significant support and expand your company globally.

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