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Corporate Recruiter Roles and Responsibilities in 2022

2021 is the year of recovery for many businesses considering the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Now that we are heading to 2022, business owners are at war for the best talent to keep their businesses afloat. With a corporate recruiter, it is easier for you to find the right talent. Also known as in-house or internal recruiters, they collaborate with department managers and other recruiting personnel to create the best talent acquisition strategies. This article lists corporate recruiter roles and responsibilities in 2022. Therefore, if you are seeking a corporate recruiter for the year 2022, we help you understand what skill sets and tools to look for in a candidate. 

Corporate Recruitment Meaning

Corporate recruiting is whereby companies decide to source candidates themselves. This means that instead of employers hiring external professionals for the task, they conduct the hiring procedures using internal professional recruiters. The recruiters used for corporate recruitment are usually on a company’s payroll and are also known as in-house recruiters.

What is the Role of a Corporate Recruiter

A corporate recruiter’s role is to identify the most suitable candidates for open positions. They do so by posting job openings, reviewing resumes, and narrowing the applicant pool by screening them. Corporate recruiters do not make the final call and hire candidates. Instead, once they are done shortlisting the most qualified candidates, they will present them to the hiring managers for final decision.

Keep in mind that corporate recruiters are on the same team as the hiring managers. Therefore, do not confuse them with agency search firms or headhunters who only get paid once a company successfully hires a candidate. This means that corporate recruiters are not after placement rates but rather the interest of their companies, which is a long-term fit. 

How do Corporate Recruiters Work

Corporate recruiters not only shortlist job applicants but also source candidates who are not directly applying for specific job positions. They can do so by visiting job boards for candidates’ resumes and take advantage of the LinkedIn recruitment to find candidates with the right skills for an open position. 

Once they have identified suitable candidates, a phone screening is done to gauge their verbal communication skills. Only those who will be able to express themselves professionally will qualify to proceed to the next recruitment procedure. Note that it is at the screening level that a corporate recruiter is also required to inform a candidate more about their company’s culture, expectations, and more. 

Corporate recruiters will then create a report on the suitable candidates and present them together with their resumes to the hiring manager. At this point, the hiring manager will make the final hiring decision based on the interview outcome they will conduct on the candidates. 

Responsibilities of a Corporate Recruiter

Now that you are fully aware of how corporate recruiters find candidates, let’s take a look at their responsibilities in the recruitment process. 

1.Plan recruitment procedures by working hand in hand with the hiring managers and other department personnel.

2. Identify their company’s recruiting needs and set goals to manage them. This can either be quarterly or annually, depending on a company’s preference.

3. Although most hiring managers prepare job descriptions, a corporate recruiter can also do so in some situations and share them on a company’s website, social media platforms, and other channels like email.

4. Manage effective communication with job applicants from when resumes start streaming into when the hiring procedure is completed. Good communication helps to maintain a company’s good reputation.

5. Source candidates from job boards, referrals, and even resume databases like LinkedIn.

6. Managing talent acquisition procedures by making changes whenever necessary for more effectiveness in finding quality talent.

7. Create and maintain a talent pool of top candidates for future references when the company requires new talent. This will ease the candidate sourcing procedures.

8. Make use of recruitment or hiring tools like resume parsers, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and the Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software to streamline the entire recruitment procedures.

9. Key performance indicators (KPIs) tracking, including the source of hire, the time for hire, etc.

10. Screening potential employees through phone and video calls or even in-person meetings. In case of background and reference checks, corporate recruiters are required to handle them.

11. Participate actively in job fairs, whether conducted virtually or on-premise. This helps them socialize and network with potential candidates.

Difference Between Recruiter and a Corporate Recruiter

It can be challenging for some individuals to differentiate between a recruiter and a corporate recruiter. To ensure we are all on the same page, a recruiter is an external professional who only gets paid once a candidate has been successfully placed. For this reason, their goal is to please the employer by finding candidates as per the employer’s specifications. 

In contrast, a corporate recruiter works in an organization as one of the staff. They are on a payroll, and their main goal is to find a candidate willing to work long-term. This means that they consider a company’s interest even if it means adjusting the job description to find suitable quality talent. 


With a corporate recruiter, you are guaranteed quality talent for any open position. However, before hiring one, make sure they are the right fit for your organization. Simply put, confirm elements such as education level, which in most cases require a bachelor’s degree in HRM or other business-related fields. 

Additionally, you can also check their experience as corporate recruiters, communication and interviewing skills, ability to be discrete, and more. The last thing you want is hiring an incompetent corporate recruiter with limited knowledge and skills to source top talent. 

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