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Top 10 Recruiting Conferences to Attend in 2022

Recruitment is an essential but challenging process that every organization practices from time to time. Due to the human resource sector dynamics, recruiting professionals need to stay updated with current sourcing trends. As a result, recruiting marketing conferences were developed to meet the needs of all recruiters.

The recruiting conferences for HR professionals are platforms where you expand your knowledge about the business sector plus familiarize yourself with the dynamics in the world of recruitment. You will understand the technological advances and professional conduct and network with professional recruitment speakers. 

Additionally, attending top recruiting conferences 2022 boosts your business in general. Therefore, you may have your preferred talent development conferences of choice, but we are here to give you a guide on the top 10 tech recruiting conferences 2022. Feel free to try them out and enhance your business productivity.

Top 10 Recruiting Conferences 2022

1. SHRM Talent Conference and Expo

Date: April 10-13, 2022

Location: Denver & Online Event

The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) annual conference and Expo help you learn how to improve your talent-attracting strategies, recruitment process, and general company policies. This will explore current recruiting trends and best practices to promote employee retention. As a recruiter, you are part of a company’s backbone, and if employees are unqualified, the organization will fail and vice versa. Additionally, you are in charge of empowering others and changing their professional lives. 

2. HR Transform2022

Date: March 14-16, 2022

Location: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Nevada

HR Transforms is one of the best talent development conferences attended by the world’s most famous HR executives and innovators. At this conference, you will have the opportunity to meet leaders who are thinking of future changes and participating in building a better tomorrow. Moreover, the executives will educate you and elaborate on how these changes will reach and impact your business. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

3. Talent Aquisition Week

Date: July 25-29, 2022

Location: Online

Talent Acquisition Week is one of the recruiting conferences for HR professionals in 2022. This conference will teach you about employer branding, talent sourcing, and recruiting. Additionally, you will network with different professionals of a diverse cadre and understand the best ways to improve your recruiting strategies. Furthermore, you will hear from the best talent acquisition professionals like Jesicca Korte and Tiffany Ballve, among other stars.

4. RecruitCon 2022

Date: May 18-20, 2022

Location: Denver, CO

During the Covid19 pandemic, there were high employee turnover rates, and businesses were left with many positions to fill. However, it is not only about filling positions but the strategy you use in hiring new employees to fill the gap. To get more insight on how to hire the best candidates for your company, do not miss the RecruitCon talent acquisition conferences 2022. This conference will equip you with the latest tips from industry leaders like Mitchelle Rozen and show you the best practices when sourcing and recruiting candidates. As a result, you can improve your candidate recruiting and retention.

5. Gartner ReimagineHR Conference 2022

Date: September 15-16, 2022

Location: London, United Kingdom

Gartner ReimagineHR Conference is one of the best recruiting conferences for hr professionals; you should not miss it. The conference will involve a team of elite leaders and experts who will educate you about the human resource role and responsibility. At the end of the conference, you would have gained new HR perspectives to build an organizational culture that can withstand business fluctuations. Join your peers at this conference and learn more about how to prepare your organization for future changes and remain top of the business chain.

6. Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion( Virtual Conference 2022)

Date: September 21, 2022

Location: Online

A company’s culture significantly affects employees’ treatment in that work environment. As a result, all employers should ensure that the company culture promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion. This virtual conference aims at helping recruiters and HR professionals build their DEI strategy. Moreover, you will learn how to make your workforce cohesive and create a common language to achieve the organization’s objectives. Additionally, you will learn how to communicate and relate with employees and make them cope with their work-related difficulties. It will be one of the educational and interactive tech recruiting conferences 2022.

7. ERE Recruiting Conference Spring 2022

Date: April 6-7, 2022

Location: Virtual

HR professionals and recruiters should attend talent and development conferences integrating inspiration, information, and information for different recruitment strategies. ERE Recruiting Conference Spring offers all these services plus diverse talent and expertise.

Additionally, the conference shares practical knowledge and case studies that show other companies’ strategies for improving their hiring process. Also, you will be equipped with excellent employee management and leadership skills, which are essential elements when it comes to building a successful business. 

8. SHRM Annual Conference & Expo

Date: June 12-15, 2022

Location: New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Online

SHRM Annual Conference is the most anticipated among the recruitment marketing conferences in 2022. It will have the most significant number of recruiters and HR professionals of diverse levels. Additionally, the conference is expected to focus on educating you about workplace culture, talent retention, and mental health in conjunction with the business sector. Furthermore, expect to network with highly esteemed speakers ranked best in most talent and retention conferences 2022.

9. Human Resource Executive HR Technology Conference & Exposition

Date: September 13 – 16, 2022

Location: Las Vegas

Regardless of the business industry you belong to, this recruiting conference is worth attending. Business professionals from all industries globally attend this conference, which is a clear indication of its importance. The conference’s primary focus is to encourage HR success through technology, making it an excellent option for business professionals using the latest HR systems or those planning to implement one in their businesses. Since professionals from diverse industries will attend the conference, it is the perfect opportunity to learn other business management skills through networking. 

10. 68th Annual Employee Benefits Conference

Date: October 23-26, 2022 

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

This recruiting and retention conference 2022 is among the most educative never to miss. You will meet industry experts and build a solid network and connections. Most importantly, you will learn the latest trends when it comes to managing employees and making them work for your company long term. Besides employee management, you will educate yourself on various business management elements to help you make the best business decisions. To book, visit its official website but remember, you must pay a fee to attend the recruiting conference. 


There are undoubtedly many tech recruiting conferences 2022 that you can attend. However, the main objective of all these conferences is to help recruiters and HR professionals improve recruitment and ensure a high employee retention rate. 

We have listed the ten best conferences to attend in 2022, but that does not mean you use them blindly. First, you must assess your company’s needs and objectives and choose a recruiting conference that matches your needs. Also, note that some of these conferences are scheduled for next year. Therefore, note the dates and book a slot so you can never miss out on opportunities to improve your business performance.

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