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What is the Role of Employer Branding in Recruitment?

We all know there’s high competition in the business world when sourcing the best talent. All employers want to get the top working professionals to boost their business productivity. As much as you want the best employees, job seekers also target the best employers. How then can you locate these candidates, and they identify your company? Employer branding comes in handy during talent recruitment to convey the best picture of the company. How does employer branding help recruitment, and how do we improve? Read along to get more informed.

What is Employer Branding in Recruitment?

Employer branding is how you paint and describe your business reputation. You have to portray your company as the best choice to make your potential employees select you as their employer. Therefore, the organization’s general perception will depend on the employer’s branding to attract talent. You will need to work on the organization’s policies, values, and culture to align with the candidates’ goals and expectations. Additionally, you have to set boundaries and compensation details for their services. 

Role of Employer Branding in Recruitment

Many organizations worldwide are working hard to upgrade their employer brands. To stay on top of the game, you will have to follow suit and adopt the changes. Let’s look at the importance of employer branding to any organization.

Attracting the Best Talent in Market

Having a good employer brand will increase your winning chances in the talent acquisition process. If you are recruiting for a small company, you don’t have to fret over companies with renowned brand names. Create the best employer brand and be sure to compete favorably with the rest. You can use the brand to attract active job seekers and passive candidates. As a result, your company will have a diverse workflow that will boost productivity.

Promotes Employee Retention

The best way to ensure that you don’t experience employee turnover is by having a good employer brand. Employees will be happy and have a sense of belonging in your company. Other than that, your employees will become your ambassadors to other best talents, making it easy for you to fill your job opening. However, most clients like dealing with employers whose employees are content. With a good brand and high employee satisfaction, you will get more and better clients.

Low Hiring Costs

Employers with attractive brands always spend less on the recruitment process. A bad reputation can cost you a lot, including increasing the employees’ wages to keep them working for you. However, most top candidates shun employers with bad reputations.

A Better Recruitment Process

Both employer and employee would want a good recruitment experience. A good employer brand acts as the first impression to the job applicants. Moreover, it entails the integration of technology and good employee orientation. 

Employers should know when and where to advertise their job openings. Most organizations have embraced the use of the internet because it targets the majority of talent.

How To Improve Employer Branding

Every employer needs to equip themselves with recruitment branding ideas. These ideas will help you in decision-making when formulating your employer brand. Remember, a poor reputation leads automatically to a derailing business. Below is how to improve your employer branding.

1. Develop a Solid Culture

Nobody would like to work for a company with bad reviews and a reputation. Therefore, the employer should nurture an organized, disciplined, passionate, and healthy work culture for all employees. A well-cultivated culture will reduce cases of turnover and attract more qualified employees. Therefore, you should work on achieving the best workplace culture for better business results.

2. Use Technology

Technology is the backbone of every running business in this century. It promotes the role of employer branding in recruitment by providing the best communication channels. Both employers and employees get a good experience by streamlining assessments, interviews, engagements, and feedback. As a result, the candidate experience promotes the employer’s brand

3. Use Social Media

To promote and improve your employer branding, you need a good platform for the best talent. You can use platforms like LinkedIn to control the narratives and post your employees’ testimonials. Additionally, you can Livestream events in your company and share them on different social media platforms. Always focus on giving the right impression about your work environment to drive interest in your company. 

4. Polish Your Website

Design a dynamic website that is easy and quick to navigate to get more applicants. Have an authentic message on what the employees should expect. Candidates don’t like websites that hang and are poor in giving feedback, so the skills set for the job post should be comprehendible and focused. In addition to that, you should be able to answer the frequently asked questions and give elaborations regarding the job offer.

5. Make Employees and Candidates Happy

You should ensure that all your employees are happy and you are at peace with the former. These people are your brand ambassadors, so getting their wrong side means ruining your employer’s branding. Furthermore,  job seekers should have a good story about their recruitment experience. One of the ways is by providing timely feedback and transparency, not forgetting to engage the management team.

6. Apply Storytelling

To win the candidate’s attention, share your company’s and workforce success stories. You can use blog posts and videos on your social media accounts. Another way is by keeping your target audience engaged through regular communication to gauge their perception of the company. The human narratives act as motivation to the candidates who would like to achieve the same.

7. Host and Attend Public Events

It is always good to meet your potential employees in the field so that you showcase your company to them. Such events not only bring new talent, but you will have the opportunity to network with other employers. You will make friends with like-minded companies with whom you share the same values and culture. Who knows, your colleagues may be your recruitment solution one day.

Employer Branding in Recruitment Examples

There are many types of employer branding, and below, we list the top examples and their recruitment branding ideas to help your business.

1. Gant

Gant uses various videos to introduce its CEO on their career page. Through the videos, you get an insight into the store’s operations, employees’ stories, wellness activities, etc. 

2. Adidas

Adidas values brand marketing, and from its website, you can clearly verify this through featured videos. It also uses videos to communicate its company’s culture and market its products. 

3. Netflix

Netflix uses videos on its career page to showcase its culture and what makes it the best workplace. You will also find videos showing its track history and what makes them stay on top of the competition. 

4. Spotify

Spotify knows exactly what to do to attract top talent. Through videos, job seekers can see the platform sharing interview videos with its ambassadors. They also include videos celebrating their achievements, like the transgender benefits program and more. 

5. Dropbox

Dropbox’s career page plays an excellent employer branding role by promoting transparency. On its page, you will find photos displaying its benefits and perks, head office space, and Glassdoor reviews. You will also find information regarding the company’s culture, thus hooking your attention. 


Using technology in employer branding to attract talent has benefited many companies. It is easier for employers to build brands that will quickly adapt to changing technology with modern tools. Note that there are plenty of video recruitment tools you can use to showcase your business culture and attract top talent. Simply identify the one complementing your business requirements. 

Alternatively, take advantage of top employer branding in recruitment examples to organize your business’s website and market your brand. By following the above guidelines, it will only be a matter of time before resumes from top talent start streaming in.

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