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Which are the top sectors for headhunters in Houston, Texas

The Lone Star State has seen record breaking job growth in 2014. The unemployment rate in Houston Texas was 4.5% as of December 2014, and has dipped below the national average which is 6.2%. It also fell by an entire point from 5.5% to 4.5% between June and November 2014. This low unemployment rate is good news for head hunters, as companies in the service industry are offering higher starting wages for qualified staff in order to remain competitive.

The service sector is in dire need of staff as the low unemployment rate has led to more job availability. The fastest growing industries include the mining and logging industry that saw an 11.5% rate of annual growth in the year 2014, the construction industry and the education and health services industry. In fact, education and health services had the largest job gains, three times more than the national growth rate. Managers in all these industries can earn up to $128,000 annually.

The oil industry continues to be lucrative and stable, and recruiters can always find people willing to build their careers in this industry. Houston’s largest employers include the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, Continental Airlines Inc., the University of Texas and Exxon Mobil.

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