• How Using These 2 Powerful Secrets Will Make You More Attractive To Potential Employers...

  • By Andrew Russell Career Expert with www.BestResponseResume.com
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    Most executives are smart people with impressive credentials.  Yet, when one executive applies for jobs, he or she typically competes with other similarly qualified candidates.  And while you can't change your career experience when you are looking for a position, you can definitely 'package' it more effectively to increase your market demand and get better results:     


    Let's say you are a CIO and just saw an ad for a new position that you are really interested in.  Chances are, hundreds of other CIO's have seen the same ad.  What will make you stand out?  The answer is your distinctive brand.  This means defining what differentiates you from other CIO's, and then effectively promoting these differences to employers. 

    How to do this:  Instead of simply describing your previous duties and responsibilities, give special attention in your resume to value-added factors that will give your candidacy a notably higher appeal.  For instance, if you are a CIO, explain how you can reduce corporate risk, tell what you can do to optimize customer relationship management, highlight your ability to minimize resource consumption, and let employers know how you can bridge business and technology within an organization.  Position yourself as a specialized generalist, i.e. someone with a well-rounded general background but also with one or two specific areas of expertise that distinctly make you more attractive than others in your peer group. 


    Boasting about past achievements is what most applicants do when looking for a new job.  After all, executives have a lot to show for that's how they got to where they are in the first place.  However, new employers are more attracted to their own potential gains, not those of other companies.  By indicating why you are a good investment to employers, you will logically make yourself a better choice.

    How to do this:  Translate your executive experience into specific financial benefits employers can expect to receive.  In other words, clearly convey how you can help new employers make and save money.  Give examples of prior business successes and then specifically expand on the potential value these can add to hiring organization.      

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