• Want To Get More And Better Job Offers In Less Time? Here Are 2 Proven Strategies That Work

  • According to Michael Collins (career expert with www.BestResponseResume.com), "much effort and time is wasted by well-intentioned executive job seekers who may not be aware of what it really takes to generate serious interest of today's employers".  Here are two proactive strategies to make your executive search productive:


    Contrary to popular belief, using an impressive resume template or memorizing answers to popular interview questions is not likely to make you look like a prime candidate.  Why?  Simple.  Employers have seen and heard it all before.  Even the latest resume and interview techniques sound like 'cheap salesman talk' when they miss this essential ingredient" expressly articulate your uncommonness and clear uniqueness.  Think about this" with so much choice of qualified applicants employers now have, what makes you a better one?

    Practical application:  Forget 'blending in' when preparing your executive career documents and interacting with prospective employers.  Aim to stand out.  The more distinctive your approach is, the less you will come across as a mainstream candidate.  You don't need to do anything outrageous, just make yourself appear more interesting and having more depth and sophistication than the usual 'clones'.  Employers will remember you and reward you with great offers.


    When looking for a new job, you can definitely increase your executive value and market demand by acting like a chooser.  Presumably you already made yourself look like a high-yield candidate (see point #1) which generated interviews.  Now, assertively indicate to employers that you are looking for the 'right fit' rather than just a new job, and ask them plenty of questions about their company.  Doing this will help you get better results and lead to perhaps fewer but undoubtedly better opportunities. 

    Practical application:  Don't take the first job that comes along.   Being selective helps you recognize true 'hidden gems' and make decisions that are beneficial to your career advancement.  Look for a match, not just some action.  By interviewing employers (not just being interviewed), you will find out what they want and be able to determine if their business values and goals are similar to yours. 

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