• Recruitment patterns in New York City

  • Employment patterns in New York City reveal that the private sector is growing while the public sector sees a slow decline. The manufacturing and construction industries have seen a drop in employment, whereas a myriad of service industries see a steady increase in employment opportunities.

    Recruiters are working hard to fill the available jobs in the health care and education industries as these industries have seen exponential growth. In fact, amongst the leading employers in New York City are Colombia University, New York University and the New York City Department of Education. In the healthcare industry, you have New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation and Mount Sinai Health System being major employers.

    Executive jobs, especially higher management across industries, and particularly in legal occupations, are amongst the highest paying jobs in New York City, with salaries in excess of $215,000 per annum. As the fastest growing sector is leisure and hospitality, candidates are needed to fill in the growing number of jobs that have become available. New York City is slowly chipping away at its unemployment rate as more jobs in a range of service industries become available.

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