• News for headhunters in San Antonio, Texas

  • San Antonio, Texas is the economic hub of this state and the region as a whole. Texas has been recognised as one of the best performing states, and for San Antonio, this is particularly because jobs are created and sustained in the long run. San Antonio has registered a decreasing unemployment rate, down to 3.8% from 4.6% between December 2013 and December 2014.

    Recruiters can fill positions in the diverse and robust manufacturing sector where in excess of 45,000 people are employed. The leading employers in this sector include Toyota Motoring Manufacturing, HVHC and Boeing. Other prominent employment sectors include the health care sector, education sector and leisure and hospitatlity sector.

    San Antonio is projected to have 28,000 new jobs available in 2015. Majority of this positions can be found in health care and the Government. As most opportunities open up, head hunters can help people develop and grow their career paths.

    While sectors like mining and logging register declining employment numbers across many states, in San Antonio, even this sector registers growth. Whereas in 2013 there were only 4,300 people employed, by 2014, the number had increased to 6,300 - a 46% increase.

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