Executive Search Firms Q&A

How does an executive search firm or staffing firm benefit from
using an online directory?

How does the Online Recruiters Directory help executive search firms?

The Online Recruiters Directory helps the executive search firm to find other search firms, recruiters, executive head hunters, and staffing firms he can team up with in order to find candidates for the client...so it can be a great tool find finding the recruiter.

What did executive search firms do in the past?

The Online Recruiters Directory is a real tool for someone who would like to hire someone to help with executive search recruiting services. In the past, it was almost impossible to find a directory of executive recruiters. Today, it is very simple; you can log on www.OnlineRecruitersDirectory.com and search for the type of recruiting services you need for. This makes life much simpler for the executive search firm that wants to be found.

How would you use this directory to find the right executive search firm?

Let's use an example: Assume that you need a sales guy who will work in the pharmaceutical industry. You go to the Online Recruiters Directory and search for< pharmaceutical recruiter>.Or you can search also for sales recruiters. You will be able to conduct a search in a specific location- and also decide whether you would like to work on retainer or on contingency.

After submitting the search criteria, you will receive a list of head-hunters, executive search firms, and staffing firms that can help you to make the right decision on how to choose the executive search firm that you would like to work with. 

What if a search firm or staffing firm is not listed in the Directory?

Then it is missing out on a major source of business-and revenue. As traffic on this site builds, more and more of an executive search firm's clientele will be found here. If a search firm is not listed, you can bet that its competitors will be.  

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