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I coined this word to draw attention to the nervous and apprehensive way of saying something in the job search that makes you feel like a buffoon.  A “blurt” is a catchy way of saying:  Gaffe.

When is a blurt inappropriate?  For example, the interviewer has explained to you what the job duties are and you say:  “Oh, I can’t work on Saturdays”.  The interviewer has not said anything about Saturday work, only about what the job duties are.

You,as the job seeker, not only made a “blurt”, but you jumped ahead of what the inter-viewer might or might not have ready to say.  You were not listening and fumbled

your way out of the next phase of the interview, if there is to be one.

Since “blurting” is a common occurrence and often done because of nervousness,

here are some tips to keep it under control.

1.  When approaching a friend or acquaintance about who you might want to talk to about an opening , don’t talk about your predicament or previous employers.  Your network probably

knows more about why you’re not in that last job than you do.

2.  Prepare a simple script when approaching anyone about a possible job.  Memorize your script when you are talking to people or just gathering information.  It will help keep you on track.

3.  Rehearse for an interview.  Know enough about the employer for you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable.  Be friendly and relaxed.

Stay on the subject, even if there is a long period of silence.  A “blurt” often happens when you feel the need to fill in a silence void.

Sure, you can’t help but make some mistakes and gaffes along the job search route.  Some may be really funny and need to be kept in context.  A gaffe MIGHT get you a job if it is not too pronounced.  A potential employer with a sense of humor might want you to come in on Monday!  Don’t always count on that, just do your homework.
Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.
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