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Employment & headhunting in Dallas, Texas

Touted as the fastest growing metro area in Texas and the nation, Dallas has attracted and offered employment to over one million people since 2000. This is probably because Dallas has consistently maintained a low unemployment rate which was at only 4.6% in November 2014. As of August 2014, the employment growth rate of Texas was ranked third nationally, and employment in Dallas was a considerable contributor to this statistic.

Head hunters have an advantage when filling positions because in Dallas, one can earn excellent wages. As of February 2013, the area per capita income was $39,548 which is considerably higher than the national average which stood at $37,000.

CEO’s are among the highest paying jobs, and earnings can go upto $200,000 annually for varied careers. Some of the largest employers include AT & T, JP Morgan and Chase Company, the Texas Health Resources Inc. and the Baylor Health Care System who combined employ over 65,000 people. Dallas also has a growing financial and professional services sector, with leading employers including the Bank of America and the AMR Corporation (American Airlines).

The manufacturing and information industries have seen a reduction in growth, and both registered negative growth in October 2014.

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