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Employment information for recruiters in Boston, Massachusetts

The city of Boston has a great economic and cultural impact on the whole New England region. It has had several changes in its industry following the Great Recession of 2008.

Boston has had a gradually improving unemployment rate through 2014. There is a large amount of teens and youth in their early 20’s looking for employment. Jobs have been created or become available across a diverse range of sectors, giving recruiters a wide berth when filling available positions.

With more than 100 colleges and universities in the Greater Boston Area, the education industry is strong and showed slow but steady growth through 2014. As the home of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this comes as no surprise. Those in the teaching profession can earn upwards of $117,000 per year.

Leading sectors in Boston include technology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences. There is also a strong tourism and hospitality industry all year round, as Boston has over 200 restaurants. The waters in and around the Boston area provide millions of pounds of fish annually, meaning that recruiters can fill positions in food processing and food storage facilities.

The largest employers include Harvard, Stop and Shop, Steward Health Care System and Massachusetts General Hospital.

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