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Information for recruiters in Washington, District of Columbia

Job seeking executives are at a great advantage if searching for a job in Washington DC. The unemployment rate teetered between 7.4% and 7.7% from the months of June to November 2014. However, despite this, the public and private sector created 17,200 jobs in November 2014. The private sector offered 14,000 vacancies, while the public sector offered the balance 3,200 positions.

Recruiters can access a pool of the remaining individuals who officially count as the unemployed in Washington DC and qualified candidates from out of state are also able to find employment.

The fastest growing industries in Washington DC are the trade, transportation and utilities industry which created 10,500 jobs and professional and business services industry which created 4,600 jobs in November 2014. The industry with the largest decline is the manufacturing industry which has been losing at least 10% of its employees per month from June to November 2014.

As of 2011, the largest employer was the state government, followed closely by Medstar Health and Inova Health System. The highest paying jobs in Washington DC include those in the healthcare industry, where surgeons can make up to $242,000 per year, and the legal industry where a good lawyer can make upwards of $157,000 annually.

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