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News and statistics for recruiters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is the largest county in Pennsylvania and the most populous in the state. Philadelphia has a relatively high unemployment rate which was 6.4% as of November 2014. This is good news for recruiters who will be able to find qualified staff for a myriad of positions from the 41,100 unemployed people in the state.

The city has seen a decline in jobs in four main sectors which are the federal government, local government, leisure and hospitality and the retail trade. Over the past 12 months, more than 1000 jobs have declined in each of these sectors. The local government education educational services also saw the loss of 6,400 jobs. Recruiters looking to fill positions should focus on some healthier sectors and industries.

The industries that are experiencing growth include the mining, logging and construction industry which gained 4.600 jobs for the year ending 2014, the professional and business services industry, health services, and financial activities sector which together offered more than 7,400 new jobs. Managers in these industries are able to earn up to $115,000 per annum.

The largest employers in Philadelphia include the Jefferson Health System Inc., University of Pennsylvania, Comcast Corporation and UPS.

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