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Opportunities for recruiters in Indianapolis, Indiana

The location for Indianapolis creates excellent opportunities for recruiters as it is the Midwest hub for industrial and commercial businesses. It is also a hub for transportation in this region. In the late 80’s going into the early 90’s, there was a major investment in the tourism industry, particularly in sporting events. Today, Indianapolis still holds major sporting events, with job opportunities that traverse a range of sectors to feed these events.

The strongest economic sector in Indianapolis is the manufacturing sector, which has recorded consistent growth from the period starting September 2014 to February 2015. By February 2015, there was growth of 3.9% over the previous month. However, the construction sector is in a steady and significant decline, often presenting negative growth. By February 2015, there was 0.0% growth over the previous month.

There are also a range of insurance companies that have their headquarters in Indianapolis, offering opportunities for recruiters to take advantage of other major employers including Clarian Health, Dow AgroSciences and Roche Diagnostics.

The future looks bright for the Indianapolis job market as their projected growth is at 43.40%, more than 7% higher than the national average of 36.10%.

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