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Recruiters: Tucson’s Time has Come! ( Arizona )

By Elaine Boylan

Once upon a time in Arizona, creating economic opportunity was a challenge for recruiters – but not anymore. Driven by the desire to retain people and preserve jobs, maintain income and spur growth, Tucson’s business community has defied the odds.  Now it’s easier than ever to start your recruiting business in Tucson. For starters, let’s take a look at what makes Tucson tick.

The University of Arizona – particularly its College of Optical Sciences – entices techies who see solid employment prospects in the region’s aptly-named Optics Valley. With 150 optics-related firms in the area, many UA graduates remain here for the opportunities to work in optoelectronics, aerospace and IT industries. Along with technology, the education, military and government sectors are equally responsible for Tucson’s steady employment growth.

Growth industries in Tucson include scientific research, education, aerospace and renewable energy. According to a recent case study which observed and reported on the area’s economy, profit-making has also been strengthened by the activity of small business owners.  Local spending remained strong throughout the recession because of the concerted efforts of community members who have a vested interest in Tucson’s economy.

The City of Tucson’s business-friendly policies and support  have greatly increased the economic benefits for businesses that remain in the area. Tucson’s standing as the epicenter for optics manufacturing is further accented by the locally-owned restaurants and other small businesses that are reliant on the many thousands who are employed in optics and related fields, as well as the aerospace, defense and renewable energy industries. Due to the impacts of policy decisions done on a larger, state scale, combined with the considerable contributions of the resorts, hotels and attractions industry which generates a large amount of revenue, renewed economic optimism has prevailed because of all the varied business opportunities in the region.

Promoting the mutual business interests of Tucson businesspeople is the work of the Executives Association of Tucson (E.A.T.), whose services bring opportunities to fruition by offering events and opportunities that support the creation of new business collaborations. Members can connect through E.A.T.’s Member Directory – with complete contact information for thousands of professionals – and peruse their newsletters, as well as listings of business networking events.  Some of these companies are drawn to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show each February, the largest exposition of its kind in the world, drawing businesses and scientific concerns who rate geology among their business interests.

Elaine Boylan
Senior Associate Director, Center for Career Development
Adelphi University

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