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Recruiting in San Jose, California

The fastest growing industries in San Jose are the professional and business services and construction industries. However, more than any other city, San Jose has a strong presence of technology companies. This is because it is the capital of Silicon Valley.

Recruiters can fill positions in a number of leading technology companies in the technology sector. These would include Cisco Systems with 13,600 employees, eBay with 4,700 employees, IBM with 4,200 employees and Adobe Systems with 2,000 employees.

These jobs in technology are highly competitive because of the perks that the employing companies offer. Cisco, for example, offers sporting facilities, meditation, medical care, dry cleaning, child care and other perks to retain employees.

The public service and government are also hiring extensively, especially to boost the police force and fire department. A community-based police officer can earn a salary of between $55,707 and $74, 651 per annum.

Recruiters also have an added advantage in San Jose as there are many entry level jobs available across a range of industries. This is ideal as the state of California attempts to reduce the current San Jose employment rate of 4.8%, as of December 2014.

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