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10 Best Employee Referral Software in 2023

Employee referral programs have proven beneficial to hiring professionals since the programs have been useful in hiring quality talent. However, managing these programs manually can be challenging, especially in large enterprises with many workers. This is where employee referral software comes in to simplify your employee referral program oversight. With the software, employees can easily participate in a company’s hiring program, thus leaving them feeling valued and appreciated. 

Keep in mind that there are numerous employee referral software in the market today, and it can be a daunting task for employers to select the best for their business hiring needs. For this reason, we did all the legwork for you by comparing as many employee referral software as we could to ensure we recommend the best. Below are our top 10 picks, and we encourage you to compare their feature before making a choice.

What is Employee Referral

To ensure we all are on the same page, let’s start by understanding what employee referrals are. Also known as employee referral programs, these are internal hiring methods whereby hiring professionals encourage employees to refer or recommend their friends for the available job position. In exchange for leveraging their networks, employees get rewards in the form of money, days off, trips, tickets to events, a lunch date with the employer, etc.  

As mentioned above, you need employee referral software to increase employee engagement, thus maximizing your chances of hiring the best candidate. Remember, employees will become your brand ambassadors by marketing your company on various social platforms. Therefore, ensure your workers are comfortable and have the best resources by including employee referral software tools in your organization.

Top Employee Referral Software Tools

1. Jobvite

Jobvite helps reduce hiring costs by offering a platform that easily manages your entire talent acquisition process. It is suitable for all businesses, whether small or large, since it is user-friendly and has an intuitive design user interface to maximize users’ experience. The software helps you track your employee referral programs, offer instant rewards, track probation periods, and more. 

Jobvite allows you to control where you get your referrals to find the most suitable talent for various positions. In addition, you can easily share your hiring details with your employees and get a clear insight into the percentage of workers hired through employee referrals programs to see whether it works for you. 

2. Boon

Boon is an easy-to-use and engaging employee referral software trusted by thousands of businesses. It simplifies your employee referral program oversight by producing consistent and scalable results with minimal effort. Plus, this software can integrate with other third-party ATSs to ensure your business operates smoothly and achieve your objectives. 

One thing we like about Boon is that it allows your employees to refer candidates from anywhere globally, making it easier for you to hire diverse employees. Its modern design increases employee engagement, and you can easily track your referral program to prove ROI. The software is highly secure since it complies with GDPR, ISO, and SOC regulations. 

3. HireUp

If you want a software that engages your employees to ensure they refer the right candidates, HireUp is your best bet. Its referral experience is tailored around employees to maximize their experience. With the software, you can benefit from brand campaigns, social sharing, referral endorsing and tracking, gamification and campaign analytics.

The best element about HireUp is that it features a mobile app that allows you to manage your employee referrals on the go. This helps save time, and you can easily make decisions based on the reports you get via notifications. Overall, HireUp delivers a higher number of quality candidates, leading to increased referral hires. 

4. Workable

Workable prides itself on featuring advanced referrals that can triple the number of candidates you receive. The software is easy to set up and is engaging to boost participation and make employees have fun in their referral programs. With Workable, you are guaranteed employee referral products to ensure your workers only share candidates with more significant potential. 

Workable is also one of the best software that has made it easier for hiring professionals and employees to communicate. You can keep your workers up to speed with the latest developments on open jobs and initiate instant rewards for those who have delivered. The software is fully automated, thus minimizing tasks and leaving you with enough time to focus on other business development projects. 

5. Manatal

Manatal is one of the easy-to-implement employee referral software. It is built with the latest technology and tailored to streamline recruitment from sourcing to onboarding. It boosts employee engagement, thus driving your hiring metrics to new highs. 

Manatal advanced elements allow you to manage your employees remotely, and your workers can also recommend candidates from any region globally. This makes it easier for you to hire a diverse workforce that will bring different ideas to your business for maximum growth. You can integrate Manatal with your career page to ensure all users are updated on the latest developments on time for a seamless hiring process. 

6. Talentry

Talentry guarantees employee engagement to ensure they have fun with their referrals rather than seeing it as a normal task. For instance, the software features an Engagement Engine app where employees get instant notifications, benefits from status updates, gamification, and more. Plus, the software allows quick reward processing and can also measure the success of your employee referral program. 

Talentry is customizable, and you can easily set it up to suit your business hiring requirements. With every employee getting over 300 social media contacts, you can take advantage of this software to source quality candidates stress-free. 

7. Teamable

Teamable manages employee recruitment by leveraging your employees’ social networks to create the best talent pools. The software has a powerful search engine to help you find passive candidates and invite them to apply to your open position. The software simplifies employee referral programs through its modern interface that boosts employee engagement. 

Besides featuring a [powerful search engine, Teamable ensure you include diversity, equity, and inclusion in your hiring process. This is by allowing employees to refer talent from any global region, so you have diverse candidates to choose from. Communication is also streamlined among users, allowing you to quickly complete your hiring process. 

8. Hireology

Hirelogy helps you drive your return on investment by offering a robust platform that manages employee recruitment. With the software, you can encourage your team to efficiently run SMS and email campaigns using their accounts. The software also features employee referral tracking and instant bonus payments to effectively manage your workers. 

Like all the software listed on this page, Hireology features reporting and analytics, thus allowing you to monitor your program’s effectiveness and make the necessary changes if need be. You can also use it to sync your payroll and HRIS records to power your campaigns. 

9. Jobote

Jobote helps your employees leverage their social networks to attract the best talent. With this software, communication is transparent, thus keeping every user updated on the latest developments of the ongoing hiring process. Jobote guarantees your data’s safety since it complies with the GDPR’s stringent regulations. Its engagement features also allow employees to have the best experience and look forward to more in the future. 

Jobote is customizable and has a transparent user interface to track the progress of your employee referral programs. Each employee gets a unique link that can easily share via email, Jobote chat, or social media. As a result, it’s easy to identify the employees worth rewarding. You can contact the software providers to get your pricing since they vary based on the number of employees.  

10. is one of the employee referral software tools trusted by millions of users globally. It has numerous unique features, including employee referral tracking, automated social posts, integrations with ATS, HRIS, and SSO, referral recommendations, etc. With these features, employees enjoy their experience since they can easily find ideal candidates by considering geographical regions, skills, titles, etc. 

Note that encourages diversity and inclusion in your hiring strategy. This is by offering rewards on diverse referrals and hires with custom campaigns and bonuses. It also includes questions on diversity in your referral submission form and constantly sends reminders to ensure you make the best hiring decisions. 


From our list above, employee referral software have different features, and comparing them before choosing one is crucial. For instance, the best software for employee referrals should be user-friendly, affordable, tracks employee sharing, offer instant rewards, integrates with other business tools, etc. The best element about these software is they not only streamline your hiring process but also help in building your employer brand. As a result, you will attract the best talent and long-term clients, thus boosting your revenue. Overall, employee referral software helps you save time, money, and reach a wider audience. 

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