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10 Best Payroll Software for Small and Large Business in 2023

Running a business can be challenging, especially if you do not have skilled and experienced personnel to manage your employees. You see, your employees need to be comfortable and satisfied for them to be productive and help your business achieve its goals. For instance, you need to offer them a conducive working environment and create a flexible work schedule for an effective work-life balance. Most importantly, ensure your workers are compensated accordingly for their work so they can be satisfied and ready to perform more tasks. 

Unfortunately, managing payroll manually can be overwhelming and time-consuming, thus leaving room for errors. Your HR professionals must accurately calculate taxes, benefits, and other withholdings to avoid confusion and legal penalties. Fortunately, the advancing technology has brought about the development of in-house payroll software for small business and large enterprises. With online payroll solutions, you can run payroll in minutes and eliminate room for errors since they are fully automated. 

Note that there are numerous payroll software in the market, and to help you choose the best solutions for your business, we have prepared below a list of payroll systems to consider in 2023. You should compare their features to select the best for your business payroll requirements. 

Best Payroll Software for Payroll Service Providers

1. Paylocity

Paylocity is one of the best payroll software for large businesses, offering talent, benefits, and workforce management services. With its cutting-edge payroll services, you get to save time and limit manual tasks to easily focus on other essential business matters. Besides automating payroll services, Paylocity helps you remain tax compliant and avoid getting into encounters with tax authorities. 

Note that Paylocity software is backed up by professionals dedicated to helping you manage payroll and make the best decisions. For instance, you can easily configure custom general ledgers, complex reports, and accruals. The best element about the software is that you can integrate it with leading third-party tools for seamless business operations. On top of that, Paylocity is compatible with mobile devices, making it easier for users to manage payroll on the go. 

2. Gusto

If you are looking for the best in-house payroll software for small business, Gusto is worth considering. The software is user-friendly and has an excellent support system based on user testimonials on Trustpilot. Gusto automates payroll and tax management and allows you to run payroll as many times as you want. You can also use it to manage time tracking, health insurance, PTO, etc.

When it comes to compliance, Gusto ensures you remain compliant with local laws in all 50 states in the US. Its team handles all the registration processes for your employees in various states. It also helps you stay abreast with changing tax laws and do calculations for you to ensure your taxes are accurately filed. Besides payroll, Gusto also features hiring and onboarding, employee benefits, time and attendance, insights and reporting, and talent management. 

3. Rippling

Rippling offers quality payroll solutions to small and large businesses thanks to its advanced features and robust integration with other software to streamline business operations. With the software, you can easily manage your workers and pay them regardless of where they are located. Payments are made in seconds, and there is no need for conversions or waiting for bank transfers. 

Rippling also instantly calculates and files payroll taxes for your employees globally. You can integrate it with more than 400 apps, thus streamlining business operations while saving you time and money. On top of that, the software allows users to sync all their employee data in a single dashboard for effective employee management. You can use Rippling on desktop and mobile devices. 

4. Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex is one of the top payroll software for small, medium-sized, and large businesses. With it, you get exposed to more than 160 reports, making it easier for you to analyze employee compensation, turnover rates, and taxes. Moreover, the software features reporting and analytics to ensure you make the best decisions based on accurate calculations. 

Paychex Flex also ensures you remain compliant with various local laws and file the right taxes on time. Its free mobile app lets you stay abreast with upcoming check dates and amounts, helping you process payments from anywhere. Besides featuring a cutting-edge self-service portal for employees, you can rely on its team of professionals for assistance and guidance if need be. 

5. Paycom

Paycom is one of the best comprehensive tools offering online payroll solutions to thousands of companies globally. The software guarantees a stress-free payroll system whereby your workers get paid the right amount on time. With it, it’s easier for you to plan and budget for your business without experiencing errors. As a result, you get to motivate your workers and reduce turnover rates due to employee satisfaction. 

Paycom also boosts employee experience by allowing them to manage payroll data for increased accuracy. As a result, you get to build a culture based on trust, productivity, autonomy, and innovation, thus boosting your employer’s reputation. Besides Payroll management, you can also use Paycom for talent acquisition, time and labor management, HR and employee management. 

6. QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll is one of the best payroll companies that is fully automated and easy to set up, especially if you are already using QuickBooks for accounting. Its payroll services help you save time to focus on other business matters. It also features time tracking so you can easily approve timesheets and create invoices. The best element about QuickBooks Payroll is that it has a mobile app to install on your mobile device and manage payroll on the go. 

QuickBooks Payroll has an intuitive user interface to give users the best experience. Employees can also access its self-service portal to track their payroll data and ensure accuracy. Regarding taxes, QuickBooks Payroll calculates, files, and pays them for you while ensuring you remain compliant with developing tax regulations. 

7. Workful

Workful is a relatively new payroll solutions company established in 2017. So far, the company has made a name for itself by offering quality payroll solutions that have impressed and satisfied many users. Workful is considered one of the best in-house payroll software for small business since it is user-friendly, has an intuitive design and is affordable. You can use it if you manage employees who work on a time clock and salaried workers. 

Note that Workful also features employee expense tracking so you can easily reimburse them during the next payroll run. Its geolocation time tracking allows your workers to clock in and out from anywhere you see appropriate. On top of that, the software is backed up by professionals to cater to your requests and offer guidance if need be.

8. OnPay

OnPay is another viable in-house payroll software for small business since it prides itself on helping various companies run and grow. With the software, you can run payroll as often as possible and choose multiple schedules for different employees. Moreover, the software’s team manages all tax filings and payments on your behalf on a single dashboard. You can use OnPay in all 50 states in the US with no extra fees.

One of the things we like about OnPay is that it integrates with your favourite software to ensure you eliminate mistakes and avoid repetitive tasks while managing your business. It is one of the best software for running your business remotely since it helps you remain compliant with various countries’ local laws. Besides desktop, OnPay operates on mobile devices via its cutting-edge app, thus allowing users to manage payroll and employees on the go. 

9. UKG Pro

Besides offering powerful HCM solutions, UKG Pro provides payroll solutions to companies across various industries globally. The software works with your team to understand your business needs before recommending payroll solutions fit for your culture. As a result, not only do you get to improve efficiency, but you also remain compliant with local laws and eliminate manual tasks. Simply put, UKG Pro ensures that your employees get paid on time, consistently, and fairly. 

UKG Pro supports both small and large businesses with its powerful features. Employees can also track their payroll on its dashboard to ensure they remain satisfied and motivated. With the flexibility that comes with UKG Pro, it is definitely worth trying in 2023 if you want to maximize your business productivity. 

10. Workday  

Workday is an all-in-one software that helps you meet the needs of all your employees. The software is fully automated, thus saving you time in payroll management to focus on other business growth matters. Workday is also flexible; users can choose between moving resources or setting up new processes to meet their business needs. 

Payroll management using Workday gives you an opportunity to work with salaried, hourly, and part-time workers. Its built-in reporting and analytics allow you to gain insights and identify problems that hinder effective payroll management. When it comes to tax management, Workday ensures you remain compliant with local laws and monitor your tax updates on its intuitive design dashboard. 


Whether you are managing two employees in a small business or thousands, you need the best software for payroll automation process. Keep in mind that payroll isn’t only about planning and processing employee payments and benefits. You also need to file taxes and submit them to the IRS or other tax agencies on time. With the above best payroll companies, you get to save time and money and eliminate human errors. Most importantly, employees get paid the right amount on time, thus leaving them satisfied and motivated to perform additional tasks. 

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