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10 Best Onboarding Software for 2023

Your company’s success should be of utmost importance, and this can easily be achieved with skilled and dedicated employees. How you hire, train, and treat your workers is also crucial to ensure they remain comfortable and satisfied with their duties. To ensure you hire the best candidates, an effective employee onboarding process needs to occur. The best element about employee onboarding is that candidates get an opportunity to be familiar with your business and build a solid foundation from the beginning. Employee onboarding also maximizes candidates’ experience and creates robust candidate relationships that help reduce turnover rates. 

For efficient, quick, and simple employee onboarding, you need an onboarding software for HR professionals that meets your hiring needs. With many options out there to choose from, we help you find the best by recommending the top 10 employee onboarding tools we believe you should consider including in your hiring process in 2023.

List of the Best Onboarding Software for Recruiters

1. Gusto

Gusto is one of the best employee onboarding software for small business that is backed up by time-saving resources to maximize candidates’ experience. The software takes away all the hassle that comes with paperwork by allowing users to share and store all onboarding documents online. In addition, it gives candidates the opportunity to participate in the hiring process and leave feedback regarding their experiences. You can also take advantage of e-signatures, making it easier for you to manage employee onboarding from any region globally. 

Note that Gusto features offer letter templates that you can easily customize to suit your culture and style. Taking advantage of this feature allows you to send instant offers to qualified candidates and receive feedback on time. Besides streamlining employee onboarding, Gusto features third-party integrations to connect with leading tools and effectively manage business operations. 

2. EverAfter

EverAfter is another onboarding software to consider in 2023 since it features elements suitable for all business types. With its services, you have an opportunity to effectively manage talent or workforce, thus ensuring they remain comfortable and satisfied. For instance, the software makes it easier to gather candidates’ data in a single dashboard. It also features customizable company insights that allow you to give new hires a glimpse of your company. 

In addition, EverAfter provides its users with detailed data insights regarding the latest trends and employees’ changing needs to ensure your workers remain comfortable and satisfied. You can also integrate it with external software to streamline your business processes, thus staying on top of the competition. 

3. BambooHR

Another top employee onboarding software for small business to consider using in 2023 is BambooHR. Besides onboarding, you can also use it to manage time tracking, offboarding, performance management, etc. When managing employee onboarding, BambooHR lets you focus less on formalities and more on candidates’ capabilities when it comes to managing open positions. By eliminating paperwork, it’s now easier for users to participate in meaningful introductions via video or audio calls, gather e-signatures and effectively set up new hires. 

The best element about BamboooHR is that it ensures your candidates are engaged throughout the onboarding process. For instance, you can send them onboarding tests that they are required to participate in at their own convenient time. The software also allows you to share information about your company to ensure the candidates are familiar with what they are signing up for and decide whether to accept your job offer. 

4. Rippling

Rippling prides itself on equipping HR professionals with all the tools they need in effectively managing their businesses. It helps users streamline onboarding tasks using its cutting-edge automated features that have made it one of the most highly rated software by users. For instance, its ability to eliminate paperwork allows you to easily store and share data with candidates. The fact that it also features electronic signatures enables you to hire employees from any region. Simply put, you should consider Rippling if you are looking for reliable onboarding software for hiring remote workers. 

Rippling integrates with leading third-party tools to streamline communication and satisfy every candidate. On top of that, it is among the best tools for newly hired training to ensure your workers are fully ready to embark on their new roles.

5. iSmartRecruit

iSmartRecruit ensures your onboarding process is streamlined by delivering innovative solutions to all stages of your hiring process. With this software, you get an opportunity to create better relationships with candidates by taking them through your business culture and operations. The software also features online assessments, whereby candidates engage in various tests for the best hiring decision. 

iSmartRecruit software also stores all your data on a single dashboard so you can analyze them at your own convenient time. Its self-service portal delivers an excellent candidate experience by allowing candidates to participate in self-registration, update their profiles and track the ongoing onboarding process. 

6. CloudShare

CloudShare has a simple and intuitive design platform that enables any business, whether a startup or large, to effectively manage employee onboarding or training. The software is highly customizable, allowing users to benefit from it regardless of their specific hiring needs. Plus, you can easily integrate the tool with other business management software for effective hiring and employee management. 

Note that CloudShare helps you manage all candidates’ documents on a single platform. It also features a self-service portal for candidates to update their profiles and track the onboarding process, thus understanding whether they qualify for the next hiring procedure. When it comes to its pricing plans, they vary depending on your onboarding requirements. Therefore, contact the provider for accurate pricing before signing up.

7. Enboarder

Enboarder makes virtual employee onboarding fun and quick for both candidates and hiring professionals. It is one of the best onboarding software for staffing agencies looking to find top talent for in-house or remote clients. With Enboarder, you can take advantage of its video communication features to create solid relationships with candidates and introduce them to your teams so they can feel welcomed and comfortable. Most importantly, Enboarder helps you coach your hiring professionals to ensure they are fully familiar with how virtual onboarding works to successfully find the best talent. 

One thing we like about Enboarder is that it gives hiring professionals insights on the latest hiring trends to ensure candidates enjoy their experiences and leave positive feedback. Its e-sign feature allows you to instantly send offer letters, thus saving time and money. You can also integrate Enboarder with third-party communication and task management tools.

8. KMS Lighthouse

KMS Lighthouse onboarding software for recruiters prides itself on offering a secure platform for businesses in all industries. It has a customizable platform to ensure every company efficiently manages its onboarding process based on its needs. You can also use it to communicate with candidates through video or audio calls, making it easier for you to manage remote workers without needing one-on-one meetings. 

For users with tight schedules for a specific day, KMS Lighthouse allows candidates to record and share videos so you can view and give feedback at your own convenient time. Users will also benefit from dedicated support services and online webinars or documentation training for improved onboarding management. 


Hundreds of thousands of customers globally trust as their preferred onboarding process software. With it, all the challenging processes that come with handling employee onboarding manually are streamlined using the software’s cutting-edge features. For instance, hosts customizable onboarding templates that you can use as the process progresses. Moreover, the tool assists with employee training, thus ensuring that newly hired candidates are fully prepared to start working. 

You can use to send your candidates skill assessments and aptitude tests to ensure they are engaged. You will then review their performance and upload results so they can understand whether they qualify to proceed to the next hiring procedure. You can choose a price plan from its list by considering your hiring needs. 

10. WorkBright

WorkBright is a mobile-friendly onboarding software for staffing agencies that also operates seamlessly on mobile devices. It is user-friendly with a modern design platform, thus allowing you to easily manage candidates during the onboarding process. WorkBright is fully automated and eliminates their tedious paperwork onboarding, thus making you save time and money to invest in other business matters for increased growth. The best element about this software is that it guarantees money back in case you do not wish to continue using its services. 

Although the tool is primarily recommended for small businesses, medium-sized companies can also benefit from its services. However, selecting a price plan that suits your budget is crucial. You can customize and integrate the tool with other leading software for streamlined business operations. 


There you have it—the best onboarding programs to help you improve your candidate experience. Not only are these onboarding tools user-friendly, but they also streamline your hiring process using their automated features. As a result, you get to save time and money, thus focusing on other crucial business matters to take your business to another level. Remember, always choose an onboarding software with features suitable for your business needs, including budget, number of employees, integration capabilities, etc. You should also test them via their demo modes or free trials to ensure you choose the best.

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