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Best Guide to Virtual Recruiting Success

The advancing technology has enabled many hiring professionals boost their recruitment processes. This made it easier for them to embrace virtual recruiting during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep up with the high competition in talent acquisition. However, most employers thought they would bounce back to the former in-house recruitment after the pandemic. But unfortunately, the benefits of online hiring have made them reconsider the idea. 

Note that virtual recruitment strategies require solid plans and involvement of the right tools to make the hiring process worthwhile. You should also understand what virtual recruitment is and how to apply it in your hiring process for success. Fortunately, we guide you through virtual recruiting success by helping you understand what virtual recruiting is. In the end, you will know how it works in talent acquisition and the best practices to meet top talent.

What is Virtual Recruiting?

Virtual recruiting is a cloud-based hiring process where hiring professionals use computers and internet to source and hire the best employees for their businesses. This process is also referred to as online recruitment and it uses an online recruitment software to process the candidates’ applications. Furthermore, it involves different tools like chatbots to give the candidate the best experience and promote efficiency in the hiring process.

Like manual hiring, virtual recruitment and selection is not an easy process. Online recruitment must comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines. Biases and discrimination in terms of race, religion, sexuality, age, and gender, are illegal in virtual recruitment. Additionally, you must ensure that recruitment complies with the labor laws both locally and internationally.

Why is Virtual Recruiting Important?

Keep in mind that virtual recruitment allows recruiters to explore a wide range of talent by breaking geographical barriers. Other benefits of virtual recruitment that should motivate you to employ virtual recruitment strategies are.

It Speeds up The Recruiting Process.

Reducing time to hire improves the recruitment experience for both candidates and employers. Each stage in the process is shortened, making the recruiter focus on other competitive tasks. Additionally,  candidates will appreciate your virtual recruitment strategies and desire to work with your company.

It Reduces Hiring Costs.

The hiring process registers high expenditures for traveling, scheduling interviews, and refreshments. Virtual recruitment has no room for all these activities, saving the company’s resources. All procedures involved are conducted virtually, including resume screening, candidate interviewing, background checks, etc. 

Promotes Networking

Online recruitment expands the channels of communication and interaction with other connected personnels. As a result, top candidates enjoy using various sites that show virtual recruitment examples like websites and guest posts. They want to take charge of the communication and get instant feedback from the recruiters. Moreover, both candidates and recruiters get to meet new people, enabling them to share ideas.

It Promotes Equality and Diversity

With the strict guidelines of the EEOC, online recruitment ensures that all candidates get equal treatment and opportunity to bid for jobs. This makes it easier for you to meet the best candidates regardless of the region they come from. Plus, virtual recruitment focuses on qualifications, values and skills rather than physical attributes like gender, race, religion, age, etc. Simply put, AI-enabled software and an applicant tracking system (ATS) helps you avoid bias recruitment.

Maximizes the Results

Employers use manual and virtual recruitment strategies to minimize virtual recruitment challenges. Combining both approaches promotes hybrid sourcing, thus increasing the chances of getting top talent from both ends. 

Besides the benefits, note that virtual recruitment and selection also have their challenges. To accomplish virtual recruiting best practices, you must also get to know the cons of online recruiting. The challenges include;

1. Technical interference. The hiring process requires a reliable source of internet and machines. The virtual recruitment examples, social media, and company websites may fail, leading to time wastage and recruiting the wrong candidates.

2. Another challenge of online hiring is limited one-on-one interactions, leading to cybercrime cases and improper behavioral candidate screening. Therefore, it is advisable to use both manual and virtual recruitment.

That being said, below are some tips for improving your virtual recruitment strategy.

1. Host and attend online job fairs

2. Utilize phone interviews and rehearse video interviews

3. Prepare for virtual onboarding by involving all your staff members

4. Get ideas from your current recruitment methods.

Virtual Recruiting Best Practices

Virtual recruitment best practices are dynamic, so you should update every step. However, every recruiter should implement the following best practices in their virtual recruitment and selection of top candidates.

Invest in an updated virtual recruitment strategy

Many employers have realized that having excellent virtual recruitment technology plays a significant role in attracting the top candidates. You should study the industrial trends and assess your company’s requirements and budget. Furthermore, compare with competitors before deciding what you want for your virtual recruitment strategy.

Showcase your Company Culture and Values

Communicating your culture and values will help streamline the recruitment process. All candidates will be aware of what happens in your workplace and be prepared. Therefore, blending this into your recruitment strategy will help create an employer brand that attracts top talents.

Communicate Effectively

You should engage the candidates throughout the recruitment process. Always give feedback and conduct follow-ups on potential candidates to avoid losing them to your competitors. Moreover, you can use the virtual fairs to provide answers based on past frequently asked questions. Keep your career page updated because it will help you scale your team.

Boost Candidate Experience

Let the candidate experience you offer communicate the experience the candidates will have when working for you. The hiring process should be short and efficient, saving them the trouble of manual job hunting. As a result, you will attract active and passive candidates.

Have an Effective Onboarding Strategy

Candidates who experience poor onboarding are likely to look for employment in a different company. In extreme cases, new hires resign their duties for the same reason. A quality onboarding strategy speaks about how you handle your resources. However, you can put a buddy program to match your current employees with the new hires for frequent guidance. Besides attracting top candidates, your company will harbor a work-friendly environment.


Virtual recruitment is effective and efficient, especially knowing that it helps you manage a hiring process without discrimination. As an employer, it is crucial that you embrace technology and stay abreast with the developing trends to stay ahead of the competition. Remember, employees are a business’s backbone and you need the best in your corner. That being said, apply our referenced virtual recruiting best practices above and use suitable tools to attract top talent. If you get it right, be sure to not only hire the best professionals but improve your business productivity and revenue.

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