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10 Best Learning Management Systems (LMS) of 2023

Every employer needs the most skillful and experienced employees to effectively manage their business and achieve laid goals. While hiring top talent is one thing, retaining them is another crucial element to take into account. The best employees consider a workplace with growth potential through career development programs. Employers should also offer training programs to their workers so they can easily understand how to manage their business’s tasks. Learning Management Systems (LMS) of 2023 can easily help you manage employee training, especially in a corporate setting. 

With hundreds of Learning Management Systems (LMS) featuring varying elements to choose from, employers find it challenging to select a system that suits their business needs. This has encouraged us to conduct research for the best LMS so that you do not have to. Simply select a suitable one from our list below. 

What is The Process of LMS

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are software programs or tools tailored to assist employers in managing employee training. You can also use LMS to distribute training resources to your workers and track their progress. Although most LMSs are designed to streamline the overwhelming training processes in corporate firms, there are also the best LMS for small business. Besides business training, employers can also use these tools for compliance training and customer education. 

As mentioned above, the best LMS must suit your business and employees’ needs. For instance, settling for a user-friendly tool is paramount, so you do not spend extra money learning how to use it. The software should also be affordable and feature robust elements to suit all your needs. Most importantly, consider scalability to avoid changing software as your needs change. Besides using LMS in corporates and organizations, you can also use the software in learning institutions and government companies. 

Benefits of Learning Management System

1. Helps to Easily Organize eLearning Materials

Having your training materials spread out in different hard drives and tools makes it challenging for you to effectively manage employee training. However, LMS offers a single platform for organizing and storing all learning resources so that all users can easily access them. With streamlined work organization, collaboration is enhanced, making it easier for you to complete the training process. 

2. Offers Unlimited Access to Training Materials

Most LMS offer a platform for managing teams. Therefore, once you upload the training materials, all users will be notified, making it easier for them to access the resources anytime. They can also continue training on the go since most LMS are mobile device friendly. 

3. Easy Tracking

Most LMS feature reporting and analytics tools that will help you analyze your learners’ progress and see whether they are achieving their performance milestones. If you see them struggling to achieve specific set goals, you can easily access the learning content and make modifications or supplement the materials. 

4. Minimize Training Costs

Learning Management Systems offers all training materials, saving you on costs used to hire a trainer. You do not need to rent a training room or print out hardware learning materials. With LMS, you save a substantial amount of money that you should plough back into the business. 

5. Saves Time

The flexibility that comes with LMS allows your workers to quickly complete the training program. All you have to do is set a time duration and allow them to access the training resources whenever they see fit. They do not need to sit through boring training sessions that take hours. Simply encourage them to take advantage of featured resources to assess their understanding.

6. Available in Different Languages

Most LMS are available in various languages so that you can effectively manage training for a diverse workforce. You can use the tools to manage workers remotely regardless of their jurisdiction. 

List of Learning Management Systems in 2023

Below are our top picks for the best LMS for managing a small, medium-sized or large enterprise. 

1. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS offers learning management system solutions to small and corporate businesses. It is a superior, flexible software that has helped many businesses drive productivity by efficiently managing employee training. The software features robust elements such as reporting and analytics, making tracking employees’ progress easier. Plus, Absorb LMS is user-friendly, and you can easily integrate it with third-party tools to boost your ROI. You can test it out using its free trial version to see whether it can fit your business training needs.

2. Rippling 

Rippling has a modern design interface that helps employers deliver and manage training resources at the right time. The tool is fully automated, thus conducting most of the tasks for you, such as assigning courses, tracking progress, and sending reminders. All you have to do is set up your enrollment rules. 

Note that using Rippling comes with excellent benefits, including access to over 1000 pre-built courses on various topics, the option to upload our own courses, built-in quizzes for employee assessment, and a secure database for recording and storing certifications.  

3. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds prides itself on offering an engaging learning experience that goes beyond LMS. The tool is loaded with advanced features suitable for corporate businesses. For instance, LearnWorlds produces interactive videos with questions, menus, and buttons to give you and your employees a worthwhile experience. You can also use it for customer education and onboarding, thus boosting loyalty. 

The best element about LearnWorlds is that it offers a gazillion customizable resources. Over 200-page sections are provided for you to create a compelling online learning academy. Plus, there are zoom-enabled video conferencing and reporting and analytics tools to benefit from. 

4. Talent LMS

Talent LMS is one of the best LMS for small businesses. It features a user-friendly platform that has a drag-and-drop interface. The software is designed for every team, whether employees, partners or clients. Besides a robust course management platform, employers benefit from a course catalog, course branding, and course marketplace. 

Note that Talent LMS is backed up by reliable and well-trained professionals to assist you if need be. Its pricing varies depending on your business needs. For enterprises with over 1000 users, Talent LMS has a custom plan for you. 

5. Mindflash

Easily train your team with Mindflash cloud-based software offering simple and intuitive Learning Management System solutions. Besides providing employee training, the software also features compliance training and employee onboarding. With Mindflash, you can create new content or import existing ones to ensure your team get all the resources to successfully complete their training. 

This LMS tool has customizable features, making it suitable for all companies, including small, medium-sized and large. You should definitely take advantage of Mindflash software and benefit from an intuitive design dashboard, reporting and analytics tool, quizzes for your employees, SCORM and API, etc. 

6. ProProfs LMS

ProProfs LMS is one of the most reputable and recognized Learning Management Systems used by more than 4 million learners across various companies and institutions. The tool is user-friendly, which makes it easier for you to create online courses and tests for your employees. Plus, the ProProfs LMS is mobile-friendly, and you can use it to manage remote workers.

Some of the features we like on ProProfs LMS are the SCORM, HRIS, TinCan, and over 50 integrations. It also hosts reporting and analytics tools to track your employees’ progress and decide whether they need additional content to boost their performance. Communication on this software is also streamlined, keeping all workers updated on their progress and new developments. 

7. iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn for training on critical projects that you need to be done within a short duration. You can also use it to onboard newly hired workers and get them productive faster. With this LMS, you can add existing learning materials in various formats, including word, pdfs, videos, etc. Moreover, employers get to choose how to assign training, whether to individual employees or teams. 

iSpring Learn has an autopilot training management system that makes it automatically handles deadlines on your behalf. You can also customize it to send invites and reminders to your teams so that you can focus on other business development matters. The software’s support service operates 24/7, and users can also learn using mobile devices on the go. 

8. Moodle

Moodle LMS is specifically tailored to provide its users with a superior and secure platform for their training. This software is user-friendly and offers multiple course creation and data management. Moreover, the software features regular security updates and collaborative tools to ensure your teams are updated with their progress and latest developments. You can also integrate it with third-party software to streamline your training and complete the project fast. 

9. Canvas

Canvas LMS helps businesses of all types achieve their learning objectives through a superior and user-friendly platform. The software allows you to integrate it with your favourite K-12 apps and also corporate learning resources to boost your employee training program. Canvas is also scalable, meaning you can use it to manage employee training even when your needs change in future. Its collaborative platform allows users to share training resources, record and upload videos, and more. 

Note that Canvas has a content editor to edit your profile based on your preference. You can also integrate it with external tools to boost communication and enhance efficiency training. Most importantly, Canvas is mobile-friendly, and users can train and get updates on the go. 

10. Joomla LMS

Joomla LMS is one of the world-recognised software for employee and student training. Using it gives you and your teams a collection of flexible and scalable online learning platforms. Joomla LMS is SCORM and AICC compatible, meaning you can save time on creating content, managing learning materials and applying different training techniques. You will also benefit from comprehensive tracking and reporting, where you can monitor your workers’ progress and bring the necessary changes. There is also a content management platform you can integrate other tools for effective training management. 


The above list of Learning Management Systems in 2023 will help you change your employees’ learning experience without the need for hiring a trainer and renting a training space. The tools encourage flexibility in the workplace since they are all mobile-friendly, and users can train and manage their activities on the go. Remember, our recommended LMS are suitable for both small and large enterprises. Moreover, their pricing differs, and you must consider your budget when selecting a suitable one.

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