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Top 10 Employee Monitoring Software for 2023

Employees are the backbone of every business, and how you treat them contributes greatly to your organizational growth. For instance, offering them a conducive working environment free from physical or emotional harm is crucial. Additionally, you must compensate them accordingly for their job well done. Most importantly, ensure you possess the right leadership skills to manage your workers and ensure they are comfortable and perform assigned tasks per your specifications. 

Employee monitoring software will help you track your employees’ progress and productivity. You can also use the tools to monitor your workers’ wellness and health and take measures to improve engagement. Note that there are plenty of employee monitoring systems in the market today, and choosing the best for your business can be challenging. For this reason, we list below the top employee monitoring software worth trying in 2023.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring

As mentioned earlier, you need to constantly monitor your workers to ensure they remain productive. Productive workers increase productivity, making it easier for you to stay ahead of the competition. Remember, your workers may be present at work, but it is crucial to ensure they spend their time being productive. Other benefits of employee monitoring include:

  • You will easily measure their performance and evaluate them.
  • It’s easier for you to create policies that are flexible to all workers.
  • You get solid proof of your workers’ productive hours, thus eliminating errors and conflicts in the workplace. 
  • Reduces unnecessary breaks, thus increasing ROI.
  • You get to spot employees’ strengths and weaknesses, thus taking the necessary measures to ensure everyone is satisfied. 

Top Employee Monitoring Software

1. Insightful

Insightful is one of the best employee monitoring and analytics software to include in your organization. It works best in managing teams since you will be able to understand what enables your workers to be the best performers. Insightful software also helps you get insight into the areas in which your workers fall short and take the necessary measures to improve performance before affecting your business’s bottom line. 

The best element about this software is that you can easily track how your employees utilise their time, thus deciding whether they are trustworthy. You can also activate the screenshots feature to track your workers’ performance at any given moment during the day. Most importantly, Insightful allows you to manage employees’ attendance and offer productivity reports to help you allocate resources accordingly. 

2. Clockify

Clockify is one of the top employee monitoring software featuring numerous tools to ensure increased productivity. For instance, the software time tracking and reposting so you can get insights into your employees’ progress and understand how they spend their time. Plus, you can easily communicate with your workers by assigning resources and scheduling meetings without the need for sending emails or making phone calls. 

Clockify has proven to be one of the best monitoring tools for generating productivity reports to share with your workers and shareholders for informed decisions. You will also benefit from employee calendars that allow you to see how your workers spend their time. This way, you can figure out your best performers and try to help those with challenges performing their daily tasks. 

3. ActivTrak

ActivTrak helps you empower your workers to be the best performers and increase productivity. The software offers productivity insights so you can understand how every project is done and view productivity trends and patterns of top performers. This way, you know the strengths and weaknesses of every worker, making it easier for you to assign tasks.

Besides helping you monitor your employees’ performance, ActivTrak is integrated with third-party software to ensure smooth business operations. This software also makes communication easier, especially if you manage a business with multiple branches globally. Your workers do not need to experience employee burnout when you can keep them satisfied with ActivTrak. 

4. Controlio

Controlio is an employee monitoring solution for small, medium-sized and large businesses. It automatically tracks your employees’ activities, making it easier for you to follow up on how they spend their time. The software is cloud-based, and it is easy to set up and start streamlining your business functions. 

Besides using Controlio for activity monitoring, employers can also use it to control user behaviours and ensure they spend their time wisely. Plus, instead of taking screenshots, you can activate the screen recording features so you can have time to focus on other essential matters and run an activity report later. 

5. Connecteam

Connecteam is another employee activity monitoring software trusted by over 20,000 businesses globally. It features real-time tracking and absence management tools, making it easier for you to schedule shifts and assign tasks. As a result, you are guaranteed that every assigned project will be completed within the required timeframe. 

This software has also made communication easier for teams, and every user is updated with the latest developments on time. Plus, you can easily share newsletters and announcements to get ensure your planned activities are efficiently managed. On top of that, Connecteam features customizable forms, which is excellent for employers managing workers offsite. And the best part is that the tool is compatible with mobile devices, making it easier for you to monitor your workers anytime, anywhere. 

6. Hubstaff

Hubstaff saves you time and money by automatically streamlining your employee monitoring. You can use it for both on-premise and remote workers to see their performance in real time. Moreover, the software features time tracking, and you can set up automated reminders for your employees to keep working during the set hours. 

Hubstaff, with the help of screenshots, makes it easier for you to track your employees’ work progress without the need to hire supervisors in various departments. With the software, you facilitate streamline communication, which is crucial in building trust among your workforce. 

7. Monitask

Monitask is an all-in-one activity monitoring software trusted by thousands of companies globally. By using it to track your employees’ performance, the software has made it easier for you to budget and manage resources. Monitask helps drive productivity levels, and its time-tracking feature helps you understand tasks that are quick to complete and those requiring more time. This way, you know which employee to assign which task and ensure increased efficiency. 

Note that Monitask is one of the best monitoring tools for analyzing how employees spend their hours. You can view the sites they visit and understand whether they are committed to their work and can be trusted. You can also integrate it with third-party communication tools to ensure effective communication at all times. 

8. InterGuard

InterGuard is an easy-to-set-up employee monitoring software perfect for employers looking to manage their workers remotely. You do not need to be physically present to track your workers’ performance since the software will record their activities for you to view at your convenient time for the best decisions. 

InterGuard features reports and alerts for you to understand how your workers spend their time. It also features website filtering and blocking for you to ensure that employees only have access to work-related sites during working hours. The software guarantees your data security and employee privacy, thus allowing you to plan your activities without worrying about unauthorised access. 

9. BambooHR

If you run a small or medium-sized business with a wide range of tools for managing your workers, you should consider BambooHR. This software helps your employees collaborate with one another regardless of their location, making it ideal for remote workers’ management. Besides using it on desktop devices, BambooHR is also compatible with mobile devices, allowing you to monitor your employees’ performance on the go. 

Like the above-referenced software, BambooHR features time and attendance tracking. While it helps you understand how employees spend their time, your workers will also easily manage their schedule, including calling clients, attending meetings, etc. You can also use it to assign resources and ensure pending projects are completed on time. 

10. Teramind

This software features comprehensive tracking functionality to capture any user activity. It prides itself on going beyond basic employee monitoring and providing actionable insights on productivity. The tool guarantees your data security and employee privacy while ensuring you remain compliant with local laws.  Simply put, Teramind helps you enhance your business operations, monitor productivity, and identify areas requiring immediate attention. 

We highly recommend this software for employee productivity monitoring to all businesses, whether SMBs, enterprises or government agencies. Its powerful features for supplying employee productivity data allow you to manage your workers on-premise or remotely. Teramind is one of the safest application monitoring software for your employees since it quickly identifies and blocks malicious activities to secure your data from unauthorised access. 


Employee monitoring is crucial in ensuring your business remains productive. Plus, it helps your workers identify their full potential and understand areas that require improvement. With the above-recommended employee monitoring systems, you can encourage workplace engagement and complete work on time. Plus, remote teams get to communicate effectively and feel like a team without the need to meet each other. That being said, find a suitable employee monitoring solution from our list above by comparing their features and pricing. 

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