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10 Best Recruiter Certifications in 2022

Do you want to be the top-notch recruiter that every firm seeks? Businesses are looking to hire great talent, and it is only through a good recruiter that you can get the best. Being a recruiter calls for practice and equipping yourself with current recruiting trends and strategies to stay competitive in the field.

Like any other professional, you need to show employers that you are a qualified recruiter and understand your roles. For this reason, certified recruiting specialists are more marketable than those lacking certification to support their skills. To help you out, we came up with a list of the best recruiter certifications in 2022 that can help you boost your skills and become an expert.

1. Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR)

This certification is awarded by the HR Certification Institute(HRCI), which is perfect for HR professionals beginning their careers in HR. For non-HR professionals, aPHR is an excellent course because you will have a good foundation to build your career. To sit for the exam, you must pay $300 and a $100 application fee. The exam is knowledge-based, and you need no experience or knowledge in human resource management. 

Some of the topics covered in this exam include compliance and risk management, talent acquisition, employee relations, benefits and compensation, and learning and development. The certification is valid for three years after testing, and you must retake the exam after this period to maintain your credential. 

2. Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

This certification for recruiters offers HR experts and policymakers in the field the chance to enhance their credibility. To sit for this exam, you need to have either four years of experience plus a master’s degree or at least five years of experience plus a bachelor’s degree. However, if you have a high school diploma, you should have a minimum of seven years of experience in human resource management.

Owning this certification indicates that you understand the US’s strategic and policy-making aspects of HRM. It solidifies your credibility as an HR leader, thus opening new opportunities for career development. You will pay $100 as an application fee and $495 for the exam.

3. The Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional (SHRM – CP)

The SHRM – CP is another best talent acquisition certification program you should consider when trying to improve your recruitment skills. This certification is for those early in their career as human resource professionals. To qualify for the SHRM – CP exam, you must be a qualified HR holding a master’s degree. Candidates with bachelor’s degrees can also be eligible for this exam, but you must have one year of experience as an HR professional. You can also qualify for the SHRM – CP exam if you are a high school diploma graduate with at least three years of experience in the HR field. 

4. The Society for Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional Exams (SHRM – SCP)

Only senior-level HR candidates are eligible for this exam, and you should have at least 3 years of experience performing strategic-level HR duties. You must also be an SHRM – CP credential holder for at least three years and are working in or are in the process of committing to a strategic-level role. Simply put, if you are an SHRM – CP holder, you do not need to hold an HR title or a degree to apply. 

This course helps the already certified recruiting specialists with leadership skills to drive the whole business. For instance, you should take this exam if you are an HR professional who develops business strategies, influence the community, manage HR functions, etc. The course moves you towards being strategic in your roles and developing policies. Keep in mind that being experienced means devoting over 1,000 hours a year to a strategic-level HR role. 


AIRS offers HRs recruitment training with the latest hiring strategies to help you be the best professional. This portal offers training and certification for HR professionals across the globe, providing recruitment certification online. Some of the training courses offered are;

Recruiter Academy

Recruiter Academy is the best recruiter certification course and portal operating under AIRS, and it grants you access to all the other courses offered by AIRS. With access to their training material and certification track record, you will get the most out of the training and better your skills. 

Besides the Recruiter Academy course, AIRS also offers other courses, including Certified Internet Recruiter(CIR), Certified Diversity Recruiter(CDR), Certified Social Media Recruiter(CSMR), and many more. Therefore, anybody is eligible for these courses as long as you have basic and intermediate HR skills.

6. Certified Personnel Consultant(CPC)

CPC is offered by the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), and it is among the best recruiter certifications in 2022. This professional recruiter certification employs knowledge about the laws and legal matters surrounding the management of your workforce. It entails long-term and temporary staffing laws and guidelines, enhancing inclusion and diversity in the recruitment process. Therefore, to sit for this exam, you must have a broad knowledge of the state employment laws and regulations.

This certification for recruiters is available to all professionals in the employment transition and talent acquisition industry. HR professionals and hiring personnel across various sectors are also free to apply. 

7. Certified Temporary Staffing Specialists(CTS)

CTS is another certification awarded by NAPS. It is specifically tailored for recruiters that focus on temporary staffing professionals, addressing cases of current discrimination laws, identification protocol, and the selection and placement of candidates for employment. Moreover, it covers the temporary staffing professionals’ roles throughout the employment cycle. With this certification, you can learn different programs relating to hiring passive candidates, application of contract staffing, and more.

Like the CPC certification above, CTS is available to any professional involved in the employment transition and talent acquisition. As a CTS candidate, you must agree to uphold NAPS certification program rules and standards of ethical practices. 

8. Certified People Sourcing Professional (CPSP)

This certification is offered by Sourcing Certifications — one of the best portals offering recruitment certifications online. Under CPSP, you will undertake an exam that comprises 60 questions, which you must complete within 3-4 hours. This certification is available for anybody working as an HR on basic or intermediate levels.

Note that CPSP certification will remain valid for a maximum period of two years. You must sit for the exam again to renew your certification with this institute. Moreover, they offer access to content like ebooks, webinars, and online training from professionals. As a result, CPSP is an example of a good recruitment certification online, enhancing global learning.

9. LinkedIn Learning

The courses offered by LinkedIn learning, as an independent certification, are tailored by certified recruiting specialists. The recruiter certification programs are offered online on different topics and strategies to sharpen your skills. Moreover, the program does not only pin down recruiter professionals but covers all career backgrounds and interests. The following are some of the certifications offered by LinkedIn Learning.

  • Become a Technical Recruiter: This course provides insight on sourcing talent, screening them and hiring the best candidate. It benefits recruiters interested in filling tech positions.

  • Become a Corporate Recruiter: This course takes you through all the basics of recruitment stages, enabling you to recruit for large firms.

  • Become an External Recruiter: The course empowers you with skills and insight into becoming your boss. You will be able to work as an independent recruiter, joining the group of staffing professionals.

  • Linkedin Certified Professional Recruiter Exam: You can learn more about becoming a professional recruiter using LinkedIn’s strategies and tools.

  • Finding and Retaining Talent: This course will help you gain strategies that you can use to source candidates when the talent competition is steep.

10. The Recruitment Education Institute (REI)

REI is an SHRM – CP and SHRM – SCP recertification provider. It is tailored for HR and hiring professionals interested in advancing their recruiting credentials. Various topics are covered to earn this certification, which is suitable for newbies and professional recruiters. You will learn more about advanced candidate sourcing skills and performance metrics. 

Note that REI features different courses, which you must select based on your professional needs. While some courses are free, the entire program costs $799. 


Whether you are an experienced recruiter or have only recently begun your recruitment job, you need further expertise to increase your credibility. However, the recruiter certification in 2022 above should only assist you in enhancing your abilities and resume and is not a guarantee of success. Your ability to succeed as a recruiter depends on how you employ the skills you’ve learned and put them to use. Choose the best recruiter certification, and you’ll be among the most in-demand staffing professionals.

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