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Top 10 Talent Sourcing Tools for Recruiters in 2024

If you want to get the best candidates from the job market, using sourcing tools will help you easily achieve your objective. With such tools, rest assured that your talent sourcing team will quickly find and engage the right candidates to fill open positions. Moreover, the software limits human efforts, thus saving time so you can focus on other essential business matters. On top of that, candidates get to enjoy their experience, leading to you building a robust network and clientele. 

So, what are the best sourcing tools for recruiters? Below are our top 10 sourcing tools for recruiters in 2024. Keep in mind that these software automate the talent sourcing process, thus increasing efficiency to recruit the best talent fast. However, it is crucial to choose the one with features aligning with your business hiring needs for maximum experience.

Best Talent Sourcing Tools for Recruiters

1. Manatal

Manatal is one of the top candidate sourcing tools with AI-powered features to help you quickly find the best talent. It is trusted by over 10,000 recruiters and hiring professionals globally due to its flexibility, which allows you to post on over 2,500 channels. Manatal is also user-friendly, and you won’t require training to use it. Plus, the software is customizable using its built-in drag-and-drop interface and candidate sourcing tools to view your recruitment progress. 

The best element about Manatal AI engine is it gives users suggestions on the best candidates to consider. The software also searches for data on over 20 social platforms to enrich candidates’ profiles. If you are always on the move, Manatal makes things easier by allowing you to access its features using mobile devices. Other features of this software include applicant tracking, recruitment CRM, collaboration and integration, reporting and analytics, etc. 

2. hireEZ

The manual talent sourcing task is overwhelming, and hireEZ simplifies everything using its unique features. Formerly known as Hiretual, the software helps you build a robust pipeline using its end-to-end outbound recruiting platform. So far, over 200,000 users are benefiting from hireEZ features — a clear proof that it is one of the best talent sourcing tools to consider in 2024. 

One unique element about hireEZ is that it helps you find passive candidates for hard-to-fill positions. Its advanced search feature lets you review millions of candidates’ profiles so you can only meet the best in the market. Moreover, you will also identify the best hiring trends for your business, which will help save time and money in the future. 

3. Loxo

Loxo features a superior platform tailored to provide your hiring team with the best experience and improve efficiency. With its AI-powered product suite, rest assured of meeting the best candidates and completing the talent sourcing process fast. You can use it to source diverse candidates since its directory contains over 530 million people with verified phone numbers and emails. Keep in mind that over 125,000 recruiters trust Loxo with their hiring needs, so feel free to request a demo to understand how it works. 

Loxo also helps recruiters and hiring professionals take advantage of social media platforms to find the best talent. You can use it to build your social activity campaigns in advance and set your hiring marketing on autopilot to boost engagement. On top of that, the software has the best platform for growing and nurturing your candidate and client relationship. This way, you get to build solid connections and networks and build your employer’s brand. 

4. SmartRecruiters

Large enterprises looking for the best tools to source and attract top candidates should consider SmartRecruiters. It is a flexible and user-friendly tool with customizable features to suit every business needs. SmartRecruiters guarantees team collaboration due to its streamlined communication feature. As a result, you can easily communicate with your candidates, complete the sourcing process fast, and leave a good impression whether you hire them or not. 

SmartRecruiters has an integrated campaigns feature that allows you to nurture passive candidates and make use of inbound and outbound hiring approaches. It is definitely an excellent candidate sourcing tool for organizations hiring in high volumes. You can contact the vendor to confirm its price plans since the details are not readily available. 

5. Fetcher

Fetcher is one of the most effective sourcing tools recognized and highly rated by users globally. It limits your recruitment tasks, thus helping you find the right candidates fast. Moreover, it is a user-friendly platform with a modern design and has a dedicated and reliable support service to cater to your needs anytime. With it, you are guaranteed a continuous stream of skilled and experienced candidates suitable for your hiring needs. 

Fetcher connects you with diverse candidates and those with requirements matching your job descriptions. You can use it to hire remote workers since it also integrates with third-party communication tools to ensure you effectively communicate. 

6. Hired

Hired is another talent sourcing software to help you find passive candidates to fill senior positions in your organization. Its platform enables you to search through a curated pool of prevetted skilled and experienced candidates, so you can only have the best to choose from. In addition, you get to save time in your talent sourcing process since the tool displays candidates’ work preferences and salary expectations for quick and informed decisions. 

Note that Hired is a customizable software, and you can easily send customized assessments to your candidates. On top of that, it displays candidates’ skill levels, work experiences, etc., so you can choose the one meeting your talent sourcing requirements. 

7. Lever

Lever is one of the recruiting systems hosting advanced features to help you source multiple candidates. Over 5,000 companies trust Lever’s ATS and CRM solutions and have successfully used them to hire quality talent. Note that Lever features reporting and analytics to help you get real-time insights and build an excellent candidate relationship. 

Besides being an excellent tool for small and medium-sized businesses, Lever also serves large enterprises. You can take advantage of its bulk candidate nurturing and third-party integrations to offer the best experience for your candidates and talent sourcing teams. On top of that, Lever recommends diversified hiring to avoid biases and help you build a solid employer brand. 

8. Arya

Developed by Leoforce, Arya is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses source and attract top candidates. The software recommends the best candidates to choose from based on your job descriptions. As a result, you get to save time since you will only have the most suitable candidates to choose from. In addition, the tool encourages you to diversify your pipeline, thus reducing biases and building an excellent employer reputation. 

Arya integrates with third-party ATS to streamline your talent sourcing and hiring process. You can also use it to access over 800 million candidate profiles and expand your talent pool. On top of that, the software places your job ads on platforms where compatible candidates are likely to see them. With its streamlined communication, talent sourcing has been made easy, leaving users satisfied. 

9. Recruit’em

If you are managing a small or startup company, Recruit’em is an excellent candidate sourcing tool to consider. This is because software is free to use, making you save money while enjoying the best services. The software has a clean interface and is user-friendly to ensure your talent sourcing teams and candidates have the best experience. 

Recruit’em connects you with candidates on various social media platforms, thus helping you build a solid talent pool. The software also features a job ad optimizer whereby you get to use specific keywords so your job ad can rank highly on various platforms. With these unique features, you can reach a wider audience and attract the best talent meeting your hiring requirements.  

10. SeekOut

SeekOut helps you gain access to millions of candidates’ profiles and build a robust talent pool to efficiently source the best talent. It is an excellent tool for sourcing diverse and passive talent since its advanced search capabilities enable you to meet specialized talent using deep analytics. As a result, you can conduct an unbiased talent sourcing process, thus building your employer brand

SeekOut also features talent discovery, an element that allows you to transform past candidates into new hires. By viewing their profiles, employment history, and experience, you can make quick hiring decisions. Like other tools listed above, SeekOut features applicant tracking, meaning that you only get to review profiles of candidates with resumes matching your job requirements. 


It’s a no-brainer that candidate sourcing tools can supercharge your hiring efforts. However, using these tools does not eliminate human input since you still need a professional to help you manage the candidate sourcing process. Overall, ensure you find the best talent sourcing software for your business to quickly meet the best talent. Remember, every employer strives to stay ahead of the competition, and you can only do so with talented and skillful workers in your corner.

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