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Top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in 2022

Hiring new talent is a complex process requiring professional recruiters’ input to source the best skill in the market. However, technological innovation has made it possible to accomplish the recruitment process more quickly and efficiently by using applicant tracking systems (ATS). With the high volumes of candidates’ resumes coming in for review, the applicant tracking systems help to grade and rank the candidates based on qualifications. To promote growth and productivity in business, we will look at the meaning of ATS and the top ATS systems 2022.

What is Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?

Applicant Tracking System is software that acts as a database for job applicants. Its purpose is to streamline the entire recruitment process from application to onboarding. An applicant tracking system will analyze your application by collecting, sorting and organizing resumes for fast and efficient hiring. Organizations use different applicant tracking systems based on their hiring needs and requirements. Some of the critical factors to consider when installing applicant tracking software include:

  • User Interface, which makes it easier to organize steps in the recruitment process

  • Usability; where your ATS must be flexible and easy to access

  • Integrations, which means the ATS should allow the collaboration of different functionalities like social networking sites, email programs, and job posting boards.

You should not install applicant tracking systems anyhow, but take time to assess the features. The component features of the top Applicant tracking systems (ATS) 2022 are as follows;

  • Workflow automation: This feature takes care of menial tasks like sending out emails, reminders, and follow-ups on references.

  • Talent pools and pipelines: A good ATS should show you a list of potential candidates for all positions and where they are in the recruitment process.

  • Direct links with job posting sites: An excellent ATS system should automatically show you different new job postings.

List of Best Applicant Tracking Systems 2022

As discussed above, applicant tracking software is a requirement for better recruiting results. So, what are ats platforms? Let’s look at the top ATS systems 2022.

1. Lever

Lever has the best candidate/customer portal making it a leading talent acquisition suite. It connects companies with top talent in the market, making it easy for applicant management to achieve their goals. Lever tops our list of the best applicant tracking systems 2022 because it’s the only ATS that offers recruiters complete ATS and CRM capabilities in Lever TRM. This feature allows recruiters to build strong relationships, source the best candidates, and grow their talent pipeline.

Additionally, lever promotes inclusive hiring where there are no biases. Lever Analytics provides customizable reports with data visualization and views feedback for HRs to make clear decisions when sourcing talent.

2. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is the best applicant tracking system 2022 for staffing agencies. The tools help recruiters access the best talent and hire a workforce that syncs with the recruitment industry’s dynamics. The platform also offers in-house recruiters and staffing agencies solutions, helping them source the best candidates without putting so much effort across different sites.

Users may automate and manage candidates, clients, and contacts, publish jobs to numerous job sites, and spend less time on tedious tasks. Additionally, the users can customize and automate tasks like sending emails, plus providing analytics for sourcing strategies.

3. BambooHR

BambooHR is among our top applicant tracking systems because it is the best Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company providing online HR software for small and medium businesses. Its cloud-based system allows employers to track and manage critical employee information using HRIS.

This tool has enabled HRs to spend less time in the recruitment process and focus on other priorities. The report formulation is also fast and efficient with no human errors. Thanks to the BambooHR Hiring mobile app, you can view job applications from anywhere and at any time.


This ATS has the best customizable ATS solutions, which centralize candidates’ information on a high-level overview and rank them accordingly. Candidates’ relevant information is readily available in that you don’t need to go through the hustle of finding the data manually.

The no-code automation helps you free your team from repetitive manual tasks so they can get more time to focus on other duties. It also efficiently collaborates with other hiring software to access employees’ data, track their performance, and get feedback using integrated forms.

5. Tracker

Tracker is a recruitment and staffing software that combines ATS and CRM and manages and customizes all the recruitment operations. The tool has features of matching applicants, sourcing candidates and making placements, plus it uses resume parsing tools to eliminate cases of manual data entry. The tracker can be integrated with other external job boards and set up customized candidates’ job boards, portals, and workflow reports.

6. Workable

One comprehensive solution from Workable is that it offers the most powerful recruitment tools, procedures, and automation. Workable’s scalable tools, expertise, and support enable you to make the hires that boost your company, whether adding new hires or relating to the current ones. 

Utilizing AI-powered and automated technologies that find top talent, make decision-making more straightforward, and speed up the hiring process.  Workable helps businesses worldwide identify and hire the talent they need, from small chains to multinational corporations making Workable one of the best applicant tracking systems 2022.

7. Paycom

One System that matters in a single package, Paycom, offers user-friendly HR and employee-driven payment technologies to improve the whole employee life cycle. The all-inclusive software is exceptional because it provides your entire organization with the tools it needs to succeed in the recruitment process on one platform. Employees can quickly request time off to handle their payment issues. Furthermore, with the self-service app, employees are responsible for the correctness of their data. 

8. Pinpoint

Pinpoint is the best ATS for in-house talent acquisition and people teams rather than recruitment agencies. This tool is easy to use when you have vast knowledge and experience. Pinpoint has ATS and CRM features such as social media advertising, customizable workflow, interview scheduling, and employee onboarding.  Regarding data protection and security features, this tool has two-factor authentication, single sign-on and other tools that adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Additionally, Pinpoint is an exceptional bias-free applicant tracking system since it offers features such as custom careers website and blind screening to promote equality during recruitment. It can also integrate with other platforms like Zapier, enabling collaboration with many more ATS platforms.

9. Freshteam

Freshteam should not miss your applicant tracking systems list due to its ability to attract, hire and onboard candidates into your company. It has a quickly customizable career website, integrated with other free job boards and social media platforms. The applicant management can screen and interview candidates immediately after their information is in the system. Moreover, they can send immediate feedback to the candidates, rank them and eventually hire their best match. If you want to enhance your recruitment experience through an organized pre-onboarding strategy, then Freshteam is your choice.

Freshteam tool takes care of pre-onboarding by sending automated handbooks and other gifts. The talent management team can also create an onboarding checklist to offer their new hires a warm welcome into the company.

10. Eddy

Eddy is a top-rating applicant tracking system for small and local businesses. It lets you quickly post jobs on job boards and your customizable career page. It is easy to use and offers transparency in the hiring process. You can automate communication with your prospects, plus view their profile to get vital details required for the job role.

Eddy is the best for small and local businesses because it offers a jack of all trades tool at a lower price. Additionally, anyone can keep up with the pace of the platform without training; hence it requires no expertise.


To succeed in your recruitment process, you must create solid strategies to ensure you remain at your best. Integrating top Applicant tracking systems (ATS) 2022 into your hiring strategy will help you get the best talent. However, assess your company’s needs and the policies of regulatory bodies like (GDPR) in your state or local government before settling on an applicant tracking software. That being said, enhance your recruitment strategy and stay on the law’s good side.

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