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10 Best Recruitment Automation Tools for 2023

The hiring process is complex and time-consuming, particularly when you must sort over applications, choose the most acceptable candidates, and begin setting up interviews with them before the final onboarding phase. Due to the nature of this procedure, recruiters are more likely to make errors that ultimately cost the business money.

However, modern technology has presented us with automated tools that enhance the recruiting process. We will give you the ten best recruitment automation tools to consider in your sourcing strategy and discuss the benefits of recruitment software. But first, let’s look at the meaning of recruiting automation tools.

What is a Recruitment Automation Software?

Recruitment automation software is a digitalized method streamlining the hiring process to boost productivity and save time and resources. The recruiting automation technologies help recruiters at every stage of the hiring process with extensive capabilities like job advertising, candidate sourcing, talent assessment, interview scheduling, ATS, and CRM. Both recruiters and prospects benefit as a result, and more time is available for other tasks.

The Benefits of Automating Recruitment Process

The usage of automated hiring platforms has dramatically increased the efficiency of the hiring process in many firms. The following are some perks or benefits of recruitment software:

Higher Productivity: The recruitment automation tools do a significant amount of the work for you, relieving you of the menial work and allowing you to concentrate on other goal-oriented activities like building a talent pipeline. As a result,  you accomplish the overall corporate goal, and employees are content, and output increases.


Time-Saving: Pre-screening, engagement, and interviewing are efficient with recruiting automation platforms, thus saving time.


It provides a positive candidate experience: Most job seekers prefer organizations with streamlined hiring procedures since they save time and resources and quickly get responses and comments.


Enhances the Quality of Hire: The hiring process eliminates subpar talent thanks to the objective, ideal resume screening tool, and ample time to assess candidates personally.

The Best Recruiting Automation Software in 2023

Choosing the best-automated hiring platform can be challenging because there are many options in the market today. To meet your demands, we have identified the ten best recruiting automation tools for you to choose for your hiring.

1. Gem

One of the best-automated hiring platforms, Gem, connects your talent steering committee, engages prospects, solicits input, and speeds up recruitment. Gem’s recruitment automation technology enables recruiters to actively hire at any sourcing platform, engage prospects more deeply, and build a varied talent pool.

A proactive prognosis of the company’s future successes can be through the personnel management team. Among Gem’s most essential characteristics are;

i) It provides access to several channels for finding talent, including Greenhouse, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Git.

ii) Gem integrates all data operations into its modern CRM system so that you can control your data from a centralized location that is accessible to all stakeholders.

iii) The recruitment automation platform tracks emails sent during the applicant engagement stage and schedules follow-up communications.

iv) To assist you in learning about the operational process, talent management, forecasting, and improving hiring outcomes, it distributes data through its network and the ATS.

2. HireEZ

HireEZ is a recruitment automation platform, formerly known as Hiretual, used to automate talent acquisition and fully involve candidates in the recruiting process. It completes all the applicant scannings and presents only qualified candidates. Additionally, it offers agile methodologies that guarantee you and your team members access to the whole hiring process.

Thanks to the high level of protection provided by this recruitment automation software, you won’t need to be concerned about the security of your data or prospects. Features of HireEZ include;

i) With the help of this platform, you may streamline applicant searches and connect directly to the details of more than 800 million prospects across various sourcing networks.

ii) It encourages candidate participation using EZ Connection, which enables you to create mailing lists, provide feedback, and monitor performance reviews.

iii) EZ Collaboration ensures that your process is automated and that your talent management is optimized.

iv) It collaborates with your ATS and CRM to ensure that your hiring process is effective.

3. Zoho Recruit

This recruitment automation platform includes an integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) to guarantee a smooth hiring process. It provides HR-tech solutions to internal and external recruiting firms, enabling you to find talent without navigating various social media platforms.

Additionally, it generates an email, updates the recruitment phases, and customizes your workflow, freeing your time to concentrate on other objectives. Features of Zoho Recruit include;

i) It conducts thorough background checks on the candidates.

ii) It offers communication management where there is transparency between you and stakeholders.

iii) The method of applicant screening is automated.

4. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is one of the best recruitment automation tools for finding talent. It offers a cutting-edge cloud-based platform that allows third parties to participate in the hiring process. It’s best known for providing a wonderful candidate experience.

i) It enables you to publish jobs simultaneously to numerous job boards.

ii) SmartRecruiters allows you to instantly email prospects and openly communicate with them using a chatbot.

iii) It contains an applicant tracking system that allows for setting up standardized interview requirements.

iv) You may develop your talent pool with CRM for upcoming recruiting.

v) The amount of employees you have affects the annual payment plan, which comes with a free trial.

5. Manatal

Manatal has the best applicant tracking system that satisfies employers’ demands. It is simple to incorporate into your hiring strategy and automates every step in the hiring process. You can also use social media capabilities, artificial intelligence technologies, remote team management, and improved applicant involvement. Due to GDPR compliance, it has rigorous security standards. Birth characteristics are;

i) You may advertise employment on practically all social media sites.

ii) With its AI-driven candidate screening tool, you can quickly determine which candidate is a good fit for your employment role.

iii) You may track and manage your candidates throughout the hiring process using CRM.

iv) It has access to candidate data, so enlarging your knowledge of them.

6. SeekOut

One of the AI-driven automated hiring platforms for specialized expertise is SeekOut. It provides a cutting-edge talent 360 automation recruitment technology, enabling talent management to expand the talent pipeline. SeekOut also increases candidate involvement and alienates hiring prejudice.

i) It provides AI tools that you may utilize to do direct candidate searches.

ii) It enables talent recovery, enabling you to hire fresh people who were once prospects.

iii) You can contact qualified prospects using SeekOut verified contact details.

iv) It offers a career portal you may utilize to interact with current workers and keep track of their advancement.

7. platform is a cutting-edge answer for different forms of marketing and a simple CRM. Numerous users have already rated as one of the most significant selling and marketing automation platforms, but it may also be an excellent recruiting tool. Its attributes include;

i) The search engine quickly gathers applicants’ information.

ii) It provides a free CRM that supports managing your workflow and engaging staff.

iii) It integrates with LinkedIn, making finding talent on this site simple.

iv) It enables you to efficiently organize interviews by syncing the account with calendaring applications like Calendly.

8. Jobsoid

The most exemplary method to find, engage, and hire the best talent is through the Jobsoid recruitment automation system. It offers a manual for managing recruitment, and its AI-driven filters automatically rate candidates’ applications per the needs of the job post. Additionally, you can find candidates on LinkedIn and connect with them through a contact management campaign. Features of Jobsoids include

i) It provides metrics that let you assess the effectiveness of your hiring.

ii) It enables open communication with your candidates.

iii) Social media sites, job boards, and pipelines offer searchable talent databases.

iv) It simplifies the interview schedule.

9. AmazingHiring

This platform automatically looks for applicants who match the job description through the media. It streamlines the pre-screening phase of hiring with AI-based recruitment automation. Some attributes are;

i) It allows you to manage your talent pipeline.

ii) Emails to applicants are automatically delivered.

iii) It incorporates ATS and CRM.

iv) You have access to the candidates’ social media, which gives you access to more information.

10. Jobvite

This tool is the perfect recruitment automation software if you need several prospects at once. For the best hiring outcomes, it integrates with ATS, and candidates also have a great hiring experience. Increases productivity by enhancing your employer’s brand. Characteristics of Jobvite include;

i) It provides professional services to enhance the employment procedure.

ii) It has a talent acquisition mechanism that is customizable.

iii) Recruitment promotion is encouraged.


To keep up with trends and compete in the corporate world in the digital age, you must automate your recruitment strategy. Before integrating one of the tools into your hiring strategy, you must evaluate your demands concerning each tool’s features using the best recruitment automation software in 2023. Utilize these tools overall to reap the rewards of automating the hiring process.

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