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Top 20 Reasons Why You Need an External Recruiter

One of the most critical assets to a company is quality talent, and it is essential that you take the necessary steps to ensure you have such employees. With quality talent, you can easily achieve your business goals since you will have work-driven and fully skilled individuals by your side. Note that it is not easy to find the best candidates for different positions in an organization. That is why most employers resort to partnering with external recruiters to assist with the hiring functions

What is an External Recruiter

An external recruiter is an individual or agency that works independently to source candidates for various positions in organizations. Also known as independent recruiters, they work on a commission basis or at a flat fee, depending on your agreement. They will source candidates outside your employee pool that not only fits an open position but also blends with organizational culture. 

How do I Find an External Recruiter

Nowadays, most employers prefer outsourcing recruitment tasks to external recruiters because they are efficient and well connected. Hiring an external recruiting agency also offloads some HR tasks, allowing you to concentrate fully on essential functions that will maximize your company’s profits. However, how do you find a reliable external recruiter? 

Well, you can easily find a suitable external recruiter by posting an advertisement on job boards, social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, asking top companies for recommendations, and HR professionals within your network for referrals. Keep in mind that external recruiters may vary in fees, so make sure you find an affordable one.

Benefits of External Recruitment

The external recruiting method means seeking to fill an open position with a candidate outside your company. While you can conduct internal recruitment, the external recruitment process carries lots of benefits, including:

1.Extensive Networks and Connections

Using external recruiters to find candidates is easier since the recruiters have enough connections and networks to know how and where to source the right candidate for you. Their experience and success in the field have also made them keep a list of candidates with different skills so that when needed, they can find one for you within a short duration.

2.Highly Skilled and Experienced

External recruiters are equipped with skills and plenty of resources to maneuver the job market. This means that they can find you the best talent, whether passive or active.

3.They Focus on Recruiting Only

Having internal recruiters to assist with hiring duties can be overwhelming since they need to conduct the activity following your company’s procedure. However, external recruiters conduct their recruitment on their terms, not following your business rules and requirements. As a result, you will be able to find the best candidate fast.

4.Have Better Convincing Power

Working with a popular external recruiter makes it easier for you to find top talent. This is because of the excellent reputation that makes the majority of job seekers trust them. At this point, they have a better convincing power, which can make them source hard-to-find candidates quickly.

5.Guaranteed Successful hiring

You are guaranteed successful hiring when working with an external recruiter. Since they are paid based on successful hiring, they will work towards satisfying you. Failure to which a refund will be requested or no payment.

6.Better Collaboration

External recruiters have excellent communication skills, which has made them build robust networks and connections. They will work with you hand in hand to ensure the candidate you hire fits your company’s culture and is the best fit for an open position. Their ability to collaborate with candidates is also an attribute that contributes to finding quality talent fast.

7.Top-Talent Sourcing

As mentioned earlier, external recruiters have the ability to source top talent. As a result, you will have low employee turnover and increased productivity. Keep in mind that not all external recruiters can guarantee quality talent. Therefore, ensure you understand the background of a recruiter and their success stories before partnering with them.

8.Saves Time

Although you will pay more while working with an external recruiter, it’s all worth it in the long run. Also, working with external recruiters saves time, and you get to find the right candidates fast. This is because external recruiters do not need to abide by a company’s protocol, unlike internal recruiters. Instead, they focus on the job at hand and work hard to deliver fast and get paid.

9.Ability to Source Candidates for Senior Positions

Internal recruiters find it challenging to source candidates for a senior position. This is mainly because very few candidates out there are qualified for the position, with most of them already placed in different companies. However, with an external recruiter’s convincing power, they can source such candidates from other companies within a short period.

10.Bring New Recruitment Ideas

While you are paying external recruiters to find you quality talent, you will also learn a few tips on how they operate. You can encourage your internal recruiters to implement the ideas, which can work in your favor in the future when seeking a new candidate again.

11.Quick Hiring

The main goal of partnering with an external recruiter is to find quality talent within a short duration. External recruiters are efficient, highly skilled, and have networks or connections to help you achieve your hiring objective.

12.Guaranteed Fairness

Every job seeker out there deserves a chance for as long as they are qualified to hold a particular position. External sources of recruitment allow all types of job applicants to try their luck, guaranteeing fairness.

13.Increased Publicity

By contracting an external recruiter to manage your hiring activities, you will increase your publicity in the process. Individuals who have no idea about your business will be curious, and who knows, you may end up attracting quality talent and even clients.

14.Positive Development in an Organization

It’s always recommended you bring in new energy once in a while by hiring candidates outside the organization. With new skills, employees get to learn from each other, hence boosting their performance.

15.Get Better Insight on Key Players

External recruiters have the ability to source candidates from your competitors. This can help you know what makes the competitors excel and take the necessary steps to beat them out of their game.

16.Boosts Diversity

You can increase diversity within your organization by hiring externally. This is if it incorporates different perspectives that lead to innovation and effectiveness. A diversified workforce also promotes empowerment.

17.Encourages Referrals From Current Employees

External sources of recruitment broaden your candidate pool and encourage your current employees to recommend the best. Set up rewards for employees who recommend the best candidates.

18.Reduces Tension Within the Organization

If a senior position is open, various employees will be competing for the job. In this regard, consider hiring externally to reduce tension and prevent conflicts in the long run.

19.Establishing Authority

If you are hiring a candidate to hold a senior position, it is best to hire externally. You do not want to create an awkward moment between employees whereby their former peer becomes their superior.

20.Taste Different Recruitment Methods

External sources of recruitment allow you to taste different recruitment methods and decide which one works best for you moving forward.

While internal recruiters manage all hiring functions, external recruiters are essential due to the above benefits. So, ensure you are honest and open with them by sharing the necessary information to help in finding the best candidate fast.

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