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Top 10 Recruitment Assessment Tools to Consider in 2024

Recruitment assessment tools have proven useful for recruiters looking to evaluate job applicants based on knowledge, cognitive ability, work samples, etc. You see, hiring professionals have a lot of tasks to manage and ensure they hire the best talent. With talent assessment tools, you eliminate guesswork, automate the hiring process, and make unbiased hiring decisions. In the end, you and the job applicants will enjoy your experience, thus boosting your company’s reputation in the job market. Most importantly, you increase your chances of hiring the best candidates for your business culture.

Unfortunately, there are many recruitment assessment tools 2024 out there to choose from. Worry not, though, because we did all the legwork by spending hundreds of hours testing and comparing pre-employment assessment tools to ensure we give you the best recommendations. So, what are the assessment tools in recruitment and selection? See our list below of the top 10 to help you meet qualified candidates.

1. Adaface

Adaface is one of the candidate assessment tools that are easy to use. Its popularity is widespread and is trusted by over 1200 enterprises globally. The tool is AI-powered and utilized to automate pre-employment assessments on candidates in the tech industry. 

One of the best elements about Adaface is that it features a chatbot known as Ada. This intelligent chatbot engages candidates to ensure they fit your role. With an excellent default library of questions, you engage candidates professionally while giving them the best experience. Feel free to test it out before subscribing for membership and joining other companies to find top talent.

2. Blue360

Blue360 is another automated tool useful for the assessment of recruitment programme in 2024. You can integrate it with other data sources, including CRM, LMS, HRIS, etc. Also, Blue360 is flexible since it can adapt to your business and hiring strategy while providing 360-degree feedback assessments. On top of that, the software features an analytics section where you get powerful reports and insights into various roles and levels in your organization. You can schedule a customized demo and see if it meets your business’s hiring needs. 

3. CodinGame

Ever heard of an online assessment tool for recruitment that features fun coding games and activities? Well, you need to try CodinGame. The software supports more than 60 programming languages and frameworks and is also user-friendly to guarantee an excellent user experience. With engaging activities, you will hire candidates based on hands-on skills and not what is written on their resumes. Recruiters can also use it to assess candidates remotely since it provides excellent test reports and data needed to make the best hiring decisions. Luckily, it has a 14-day trial package you should take advantage of before committing with real money. 

4. The English Quiz

As the name portrays, the English Quiz recruitment assessment tool specializes in English tests. With this software, it is easier for recruiters to assess candidates’ oral and written competency when it comes to the English language. It is the best tool to use when hiring from diverse regions since you get to ensure you find candidates meeting all your business standards. The English Quiz has also proven useful when assessing the effectiveness of English language training. 

Overall, this software features more than 20 in-built English tests and allows you to add other questions if necessary. Most importantly, it provides feedback within 24 hours and integrates with other third-party tools to streamline your entire recruitment process.

5. Great People Inside

The Great People Inside implements one of the best recruitment assessment methods. Its GR8PI platform is user-friendly, customizable, and has an intuitive design. The software is suitable for candidates, employees, and other staff members’ assessment as it gauges their skills in leadership, openness, teamwork, creativity, etc. Simply put, using the Great People Inside means finding the best talent and ensuring they perform their assigned tasks satisfactorily. You will pay a fee to enjoy its services, but first, take advantage of the free trial version to ensure it meets your business’s hiring needs. 

6. HireVue

HireVue is one of the most flexible employee assessment tools based on your business’s hiring needs. It automates the hiring process while engaging all users through video interviewing software. In addition, it has a messaging section to ensure effective communication between candidates and existing employees. This way, message recipients can easily refer to messages sent and ensure they meet all business requests and demands. With this software, you save time, improve productivity, and find it easy to hire diverse employees remotely. It is suitable for large enterprises managing hundreds of employees. 

7. HR Avatar

If you want to enjoy one of the free online assessment tools for recruitment, HR Avatar is worth considering. Its featured tests measure various elements in candidates, including cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, and work knowledge. The best element about HR Avatar’s tests is that it is animated, unlike some other software with a text-based format. This gives candidates a fun, engaging, and realistic experience. Recruiters will also have clear insights about candidates’ capabilities and make the best hiring decisions. That being said, test it out via its 14-day free trial service before subscribing for monthly services.

8. Objective Management Group

Objective Management Group (OMG) offers current sales evaluation to your employees and ensures they can achieve your business objectives. It is highly recommended to companies of all sizes, and so far, millions of users are benefiting from the tool. 

One thing to note about OMG is that it is one of the most accurate recruiting assessment tools. You can use it to assess sales job applicants and make the best hiring decisions since it features excellent reporting and analytics tools. There is also a self-service portal where users can easily communicate and ensure they are on the same page. 

9. VidCruiter

VidCruiter is an all-in-one candidate assessment tool. Besides video pre-employment assessment, you can also use it for reference checks, interviews, tests, etc. Recruiters or HR professionals can choose their preferred module or combine multiple and ensure your business find the right employees and implement excellent practices to take your business to another level. 

With this software, you can conduct pre-recorded video interviews. As a result, you get to save time and give candidates the flexibility to respond during their own convenient time. VidCruiter is available in various languages and can be used by HR professionals globally. Also, the software’s account managers are hands-on when it comes to helping you get started. 

10. Codility

If you are looking for the best developers, Codility helps you find the best by automating candidate assessments. It is among the top-rated technical interview platforms for testing developers’ coding skills and making informed hiring decisions. This is because it conducts live assessments, making it easier for hiring professionals to source candidates remotely. Additionally, Codility has in-built coding tests and allows you to also create your own tests to ensure you find the best talent. Simply put, Codility helps you conduct the hiring process fast. It will also be easier for you to hire a diverse workforce and eliminate bias from your recruiting process. 


The best thing any business could have is highly skilled employees with values complementing its culture. With recruitment assessment tools 2024, you can find the best employees and ensure your company is at its best performance. To choose the best from our recommendations above, start by understanding your current candidate assessing process and areas that require automation. Also, confirm their subscription fees since you do not want to end up spending a lot of money. After all, the main goal is to conduct a successful hiring process and ensure your business remains competitive.

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