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What is a Recruiters Assistance Program (RAP) and How Does It Work?

The recruiters assistance program (RAP) is run by Airforce Recruiting Service. The main goal of this program is to assist members of the airforce to participate and have a positive impact on recruiting. By working with airforce recruiters, airforce members will be granted a 12-days non-chargeable leave, including one weekend as specified in AFI 36-3003. They will return to their hometowns and share personal testimonials to help recruiters make contacts and create leads. In addition, airmen may also make presentations or share their experiences in the air force with high school and college students.

How Does the Recruiters Assistance Program Work?

The recruiter assistance program is open for any volunteering member of the airforce. Keep in mind that an application must be sent through a recruiters assistance program form and approved based on various factors specified by the recruiters. RAP duties can only be carried out in areas where military members have a history of living and establishing solid relationships with the surrounding community.

Members will work closely with recruiters and can be offered additional days based on the required fulfilled needs. However, the non-chargeable leave days may also be minimized to less than 12 due to recruiters’ scheduling constraints. They can also be based on an airman’s preference or the willingness of a supervisor to approve the leave. 

A non-chargeable leave means spending specific days out of work without incurring charges against your leave balance. To participate in the airforce recruiter assistance program, you must display a professional military appearance, be on the uniform of the day at all times, have a positive attitude, and be of an exemplary conduct. 

RAP Responsibilities

To be considered in the army recruiter assistance program, you will be required to carry out the following responsibilities. 

For Permanent Party Applicants

1. Visit Airforce Recruiting Service through to locate a recruiter, a RAP monitor, or recruiting squadron in the nearby leave area.

2. Receive approval of your non-chargeable leave status and ability to participate in RAP from the squadron commander.

3. Submit the AFRS IMT 1327 recruiters assistance program form four weeks before the desired leave time. All applications must be sent to the Recruiting RAP monitor via e-mail. 

4. If a graduation date changes and you notice that it will affect the RAP dates, you must notify the recruiting squadron RAP monitor. 

5. Note that your application can be rejected, but if approved, ensure you give your all in the activities per a recruiter’s requirements. 

Remember, your leave is non-chargeable, and it is essential to take the necessary steps to ensure you do not incur any charges. In this regard, attach a verification letter from the recruiting RAP monitor to the AF form 988 or your travel vouchers to avoid such inconveniences. 

Technical Training/Officer Training School (OTS) Applicants

1. Visit Airforce Recruiting Service to locate a recruiter, a RAP monitor, or recruiting squadron in the nearby leave area.

2. Submit the AFRS IMT 1327 recruiters assistance program form through the OTS personnel section or the Technical Training School Military Training Manager (MTM).

3. Like the application for permanent party applicants, the recruiters assistance program form must be submitted four weeks before the expected leave time begins. Also, applications must be sent via email to the Recruiting RAP monitor. 

4. Lastly, ensure you notify the recruiting squadron RAP monitor of any changes regarding graduation dates, especially if the said changes will affect your RAP dates. 

For other RAP applicants such as the AFROTC, follow the above guidelines in your RAP responsibilities. In addition, ensure you submit the AFRS IMT 1327 form through your personnel section for verification. Also, confirm that the requested dates for the air force recruiter assistance program do not affect your training or work schedules. In case of any arising event that may affect your army recruiter assistance program, reach out to the AFROTC Detachment’s Recruiting Flight Commander (RFC).

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