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Recruiting in San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California had more venture capital investment than any other place in the United States in the year ending 2014. This has attracted a sizeable and young workforce to the city. The now booming technology industry has provided recruiters with an opportunity to help fill the numerous positions that have opened up.

The technology boom has also facilitated a trickle-down effect for job creation in other sectors including health care, hospitality and education. To keep up with all the new developments, the manufacturing industry has also seen a 2% increase in employment as of November 2014, and recruiters can fill positions from Chief Executives to Floor Workers.

Even with the growth in the technology sector, tourism remains the backbone of the San Francisco economy. Marketing Managers trying to promote this industry can earn upwards of $165,000 annually, and Training and Development Managers who work across the various growing industries can also net a high salary of $ 138,000 per year. The other major industry with excellent employment opportunities is the financial services industry.

Some big employers in San Francisco include Kaiser Permanente, Ernst & Young and Safeway Inc. Large technology companies including Twitter, Zynga, Salesforce, Yelp, Pinterest and Dropbox have all established their headquarters in San Francisco.

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