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10 Best 360 Degree Feedback Software Tools for 2024

360-degree feedback, also known as multi-rater feedback or multi-source feedback, is a powerful tool for organizations to gather comprehensive insights into an individual’s performance and development. It involves collecting feedback from various sources, including peers, supervisors, subordinates, and even self-assessment. In 2024, as workplaces continue to evolve and adapt to new challenges, the need for effective 360-degree feedback software is more crucial than ever.

What is 360-Degree Feedback?

360-degree feedback, also known as multi-rater feedback or multisource feedback, is a comprehensive performance appraisal process that involves collecting feedback from various sources to provide a well-rounded assessment of an individual’s skills, competencies, and behaviors. Unlike traditional performance reviews, which usually involve feedback from a single supervisor, 360-degree feedback gathers input from multiple perspectives, including supervisors, peers, subordinates, and even self-assessment.

The goal of 360-degree feedback is to provide a holistic view of an individual’s strengths and areas for improvement, ultimately enabling personal and professional growth. It is particularly effective for leadership development, as it helps leaders gain insight into their impact on others and identify opportunities for growth.

This article will highlight the ten best 360-degree feedback software tools for 2024, empowering organizations to enhance employee development and overall performance.

1. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow offers a user-friendly platform with customizable survey templates, real-time analytics, and actionable insights. It enables organizations to create and distribute 360-degree feedback surveys effortlessly.

2. Qualtrics

Qualtrics provides a robust feedback platform with features like automated reminders, customizable reports, and advanced analytics. It is known for its versatility and scalability.

3. Glint

Glint offers employee-centric 360-degree feedback tools, focusing on engagement and development. It provides actionable insights to drive positive change within organizations.

4. Workday

Workday’s 360-degree feedback module is part of its comprehensive HR software suite. It combines feedback with performance data for a holistic view of employee performance.

5. 15Five

15Five’s continuous performance management platform includes 360-degree feedback capabilities. It fosters open communication and alignment between teams and individuals.

6. Culture Amp

Culture Amp specializes in employee feedback and engagement. Their 360-degree feedback tools help organizations assess and improve their workplace culture.

7. Saba TalentSpace

Saba TalentSpace offers a comprehensive performance management solution that includes 360-degree feedback. It facilitates continuous feedback and coaching conversations.

8. Reflektive

Reflektive’s platform emphasizes real-time feedback and employee development. Their 360-degree feedback module enhances performance management and growth.

9. TINYpulse

TINYpulse offers simple yet effective 360-degree feedback tools. It focuses on employee engagement, recognition, and feedback to drive positive outcomes.

10. EchoSpan

EchoSpan specializes in 360-degree feedback software, providing customizable surveys, development planning, and detailed reporting to help organizations boost performance.

Benefits of 360-Degree Feedback Tools

Holistic Feedback: 360-degree feedback tools provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s performance and behavior, helping them gain a more accurate understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Objective Insights: The anonymity of feedback sources promotes candid and honest responses, reducing the chances of bias or favoritism in the feedback.

Professional Growth: Individuals can use the feedback to create personalized development plans, fostering continuous improvement in their skills and competencies.

Team Development: When used across teams or departments, 360-degree feedback can highlight areas where teams can collaborate more effectively and build stronger relationships.

Leadership Development: It is particularly effective for leadership development, helping leaders become more self-aware and better at leading their teams.

Enhanced Communication: The feedback process encourages open communication within the organization, as it promotes sharing both positive and constructive feedback.


In the ever-changing landscape of the modern workplace, organizations must leverage the best tools to drive employee development, engagement, and performance. The ten 360-degree feedback software tools listed above for 2024 offer a range of features and capabilities to suit different organizational needs. Whether you prioritize user-friendliness, advanced analytics, or a focus on company culture, there’s a tool on this list to help you gather, analyze, and act on valuable feedback from all angles. With these tools at your disposal, you can foster a culture of continuous improvement and drive success in your organization.

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