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10 Best Procurement Management Software in 2023

Procurement management plays a pivotal role in the success of any organization. It involves sourcing, purchasing, and managing the flow of goods and services necessary for the organization’s operations. To streamline and optimize the procurement process, businesses turn to procurement management software. These software solutions offer a wide range of features to help organizations manage their procurement tasks efficiently and effectively.

As we move into 2023, the demand for robust procurement management software continues to grow, driven by the need for cost savings, process efficiency, and improved supplier relationships. In this article, we’ll explore the 10 best procurement management software solutions for 2023, each offering unique features and capabilities to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

What is Procurement Management Software?

Procurement management software is a technology solution designed to streamline and automate the procurement process within an organization. It encompasses various activities, including vendor selection, purchase order creation, inventory management, supplier management, and the entire procurement cycle. The primary goal of this software is to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance visibility and control over the procurement process.

Top 10 Procurement Software 2023

1. SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba is a market-leading procurement management software that empowers organizations with a comprehensive procurement solution. It covers the entire procurement process, from supplier sourcing and negotiation to purchase and payment. SAP Ariba offers tools for supplier management, contract management, procurement analytics, and more. With its cloud-based platform, it provides flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features:
a. Supplier management and collaboration
b. Contract management and compliance
c. Procure-to-pay automation
d. Procurement analytics and reporting

2. Oracle Procurement Cloud

Oracle Procurement Cloud is a cloud-based procurement solution that provides organizations with the tools they need to streamline their procurement processes. It offers capabilities for supplier qualification management, procurement contracts, and procurement sourcing. Oracle Procurement Cloud integrates with other Oracle Cloud applications for a seamless experience.

Key Features:
a. Supplier qualification management
b. Procurement contracts
c. Procurement sourcing
d. Integration with other Oracle Cloud applications

3. Coupa

Coupa is a leading spend management and procurement software designed to help organizations save money, improve efficiency, and build better supplier relationships. It offers a user-friendly interface and robust features such as spend analytics, procurement, invoicing, and expense management. Coupa’s cloud-based platform promotes visibility and control over spending.

Key Features:

a. Spend analytics
b. Procurement automation
c. Invoicing and expense management
d. Supplier collaboration


GEP SMART is an integrated procurement software platform that combines sourcing, procurement, contract management, and supplier management. It helps organizations drive savings, enhance supplier relationships, and improve procurement efficiency. GEP SMART’s AI-driven capabilities enable data-driven decision-making in procurement.

Key Features:

a. Sourcing and procurement
b. Contract management
c. Supplier management
d. AI-driven analytics and insights


JAGGAER is a spend management and procurement software solution that provides a comprehensive suite of procurement tools. It caters to various industries and offers features like supplier management, eProcurement, spend analytics, and contract management. JAGGAER also offers a procure-to-pay solution for end-to-end procurement management.

Key Features:
a. Supplier management
b. eProcurement
c. Spend analytics
d. Contract management
e. Procure-to-pay

6. Ivalua

Ivalua is a global procurement and spend management platform that empowers businesses to optimize their procurement processes and supplier relationships. It offers end-to-end procurement solutions, including supplier management, procurement, sourcing, contract management, and spend analysis. Ivalua’s platform is highly configurable and adaptable to specific business needs.

Key Features:
a. Supplier management
b. Procurement
c. Sourcing
d. Contract management
e. Spend analysis

7. Procurify

Procurify is a user-friendly and affordable procurement software solution suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. It focuses on spend management, procurement, and expense management. Procurify offers a straightforward approach to procurement with features like approval workflows, purchase order management, and real-time spending insights.

Key Features:
a. Spend management
b. Procurement
c. Approval workflows
d. Real-time spending insights

8. Basware

Basware is a global procurement and accounts payable automation software provider. It offers solutions for procurement, invoice processing, and supplier financing. Basware’s cloud-based platform simplifies procurement and accounts payable processes, promoting efficiency and cost savings.

Key Features:

a. Procurement
b. Invoice processing
c. Supplier financing
d. Cloud-based platform

9. SynerTrade

SynerTrade is a digital procurement and supply chain platform that provides end-to-end procurement solutions. It covers areas like supplier management, eSourcing, contract management, and procurement analytics. SynerTrade focuses on digital transformation and enabling procurement teams to make data-driven decisions.

Key Features:
a. Supplier management
b. eSourcing
c. Contract management
d. Procurement analytics
e. Digital procurement

10. Vroozi

Vroozi is a procurement and spend management platform designed for modern, mobile, and efficient procurement processes. It offers features such as eProcurement, supplier management, purchasing, and expense management. Vroozi’s mobile app allows users to manage procurement tasks on the go.

Key Features:

a. eProcurement
b. Supplier management
c. Purchasing
d. Expense management
e. Mobile procurement app

Key Features of Procurement Management Software

Purchase Order Management: Procurement management software simplifies the creation and tracking of purchase orders. Users can generate and send purchase orders to suppliers electronically, reducing manual paperwork and potential errors.

Supplier Management: This software enables businesses to maintain a centralized database of their suppliers. It provides information on supplier performance, pricing, delivery times, and more. This allows organizations to make informed decisions when selecting and evaluating suppliers.

Inventory Control: Effective inventory management is crucial to ensure that an organization has the right amount of stock on hand. Procurement software helps in tracking inventory levels, reordering when necessary, and avoiding overstock or stockouts.

Spend Analysis: The software provides insights into an organization’s spending patterns, helping identify cost-saving opportunities and negotiate better terms with suppliers.

Contract Management: Procurement management software can store and manage contracts with suppliers, helping to enforce agreed-upon terms, track compliance, and avoid costly disputes.

Approval Workflows: This feature allows organizations to define and automate approval processes for purchase requisitions, ensuring that purchases align with the company’s policies and budgets.

Analytics and Reporting: The software offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling users to gain insights into their procurement activities, supplier performance, and cost trends.


These 10 procurement management software solutions represent a diverse range of options for organizations of various sizes and industries. When choosing the right procurement software for your business in 2023, consider your specific needs, budget, and the level of integration required with your existing systems. Each of these solutions offers unique features and capabilities that can streamline your procurement processes, enhance supplier relationships, and drive cost savings.

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, having effective procurement management software can be a game-changer for your organization. Make the most of the opportunities in 2023 and invest in the right procurement management software to secure a competitive edge in the market.

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