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How to Recruit & Retain More Diverse Workforce

Employers and HR professionals are now considering having a diverse workforce to improve productivity. With such workers, new ideas will arise to solve various problems that hinder growth. As a result, your business will be more creative and innovative. This article takes you through how to recruit & retain more diverse workforce. You will also learn the importance of diversity recruiting strategy and make your company a welcoming place for all types of people. 

What is Diversity Recruiting?

Diversity recruiting is whereby you hire a workforce that reflects the society around you. This means that the candidates should be from different backgrounds and have different skill sets and personalities. Simply put, diversity recruiting is bias-free, and applicants are given equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, religion, race, and disability. 

Note that diversity comes in two different forms. First, there is the inherent diversity whereby employees are hired based on demographic factors such as race, gender, etc. It is also categorized as acquired whereby you consider factors such as education, experience, skill level, and more when hiring new employees. Acquired diversity is more fluid and can change over time. 

Importance of Recruiting a Diverse Workforce

Workplace diversity is becoming popular in the business world because of the benefits that come with it. First, equality, diversity, and inclusion recruitment is an excellent moral choice and helps build your employer brand. By not being biased and giving every job applicant equal opportunities, you get to stand out among your competitors. As a result, you will attract quality talent and create a reliable talent pool to refer to if you need a replacement. Also, a diversified workforce provides a different set of skills and experience, which is what your business needs to improve its performance

Diversity in the workplace also improves customer representation. You see, since your business serves people from different backgrounds and cultures, having employees that understand them beyond the work environment contributes to business success. Diversified employees will also learn from one another and improve engagement — a key element in retaining talent. 

Diversity Recruitment Strategies 2022

Every day, employers are looking for ways to improve their businesses. First, you need to identify your business goals and measure its success. For instance, having a diversity recruitment plan enhances the quality of candidates you want. Identify exactly what you want from the job applicants and use that to find your preferred candidates. That being said, here are five main things you would do to recruit and retain a more diverse workforce. 

1. Have Detailed Job Ads

How you advertise a vacant position will determine the type of candidates you will attract. Therefore, if you had past recruitment ads, make the necessary changes to attract a broader range of applicants. For example, make your language more inclusive so that individuals from different backgrounds will be free to send their applications. This does not mean that you shouldn’t be specific about the type of candidates you are looking for. Most importantly, let them know why working for your company is an excellent choice.

2. Consider Job Boards Where Underrepresented Candidates Are

Do not stick to your usual job board or social media platforms when looking for diversity in sourcing. Instead, target sources where diversified candidates congregate. For example, if you are specifically looking for female candidates, visit sites where they tend to meet. Waiting for them to find you can make you miss out on the opportunity to meet high-caliber female candidates. Also, seeking diversified candidates help you build a solid talent pool, and it will be easier for you to recruit new talent in the future.

3. Encourage Employee Referrals

Most likely, your current employees have connections to candidates with similar backgrounds. In this regard, have an employee referral program and encourage your workers to refer their friends. This is one of the most efficient and cost-effective diversity recruiting strategies that show how your business likes and values candidates with different backgrounds and skills. 

4. Be Open to Offering Internship to Diverse group of Candidates

Offering internships to different types of candidates will not only help build your employer brand but will also attract and encourage young talent to join your team. Such candidates can be easily nurtured, and you will have a robust talent pool for future use. Therefore, find ways to connect with college students and newly graduated candidates and make connections. Give them opportunities to explore their skills in your organization and select those with more work drive and dedication.

5. Create Company Policies and Culture That Value Diversity

It is one thing to say that you value workplace diversity but does your company culture indicate the same? You must set policies that encourage workplace diversity for applicants to trust you. For instance, if you have a policy that values religion, it will be easier for you to create a culture of mixed religion and have your workers support each other. Most importantly, have open communication and let your employees voice any concerns they feel don’t encourage diversity. You may learn one or two elements that hinder a diverse work environment. 


Now that you fully understand the importance of diversity in the workplace and ways to recruit a diverse workforce, you should have it as part of your business growth strategy. Workplace diversity through recruitment also boosts your reputation, which is critical in retaining the best clients and attracting quality talent. Additionally, businesses promoting diversity have higher retention rates and ROI. So, enhance your business performance with the above diversity recruitment strategies 2022 and stay competitive in the global economy. 

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