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Top 10 Pre-Employment Assessment Tools for 2024

Every business strives to hire the best workers with the right skills and qualifications. However, many hiring professionals find themselves with bad hires, mostly due to bad candidate assessment. Overall, conducting candidate assessments manually is time-consuming and costly. Fortunately, pre-employment assessment tools help you effectively assess candidates’ skills, whether you are hiring casual workers or one to hold a senior position. 

The best element about pre-employment testing software is that they not only boost efficiency in the candidate screening process, but they are also fast and contribute to accurate hiring that eliminates biases. You also get to eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks that come with manual pre-employment assessments. 

Below, we have listed the top pre-employment assessment companies to consider in 2024. Keep in mind that they have varying features, so ensure you select the one suitable for your business hiring needs. 

Top Pre-employment Assessment Companies

1. TestGorilla

If you are looking to make faster and bias-free hiring decisions, TestGorilla is one of the software to consider. With the software, hiring teams can create high-quality assessments that easily engage candidates and provide a fast turnaround time. Plus, the software helps you figure out the best testing template for each position by giving you suggestions to choose from. 

TestGorilla features a testing library for all skill types. This makes candidate assessment more flexible, thus providing the best experience that contributes to a fast hiring process. Moreover, the software allows candidates to record videos so you can assess them to fully understand candidate personalities and make the best hiring decisions. You can use TestGorilla to hire remotely, considering that it is also mobile-friendly and integrate with third-party ATS, making it easier for you to manage your recruitment process on the go. 

2. Vervoe

Vervoe is another pre-employment testing software that large enterprises should consider. The software is loaded with over 300 pre-employment assessment test templates, which you can use as they are or customize to suit your business hiring needs. The software will help you showcase the talent of each candidate, thus helping you make the best hiring decisions. Simply put, Vervoe encourages hiring professionals to focus more on candidate performance and not backgrounds or ability to be the best interviewee. 

This pre-employment skills testing software maximizes candidate experience. For instance, you can use it to create a short introduction video to give candidates a brief overview of your company and provide instructions about the skill tests. Candidates also get to view the results from the tests since the software automatically ranks them in real time. On top of that, Vervoe streamlines communication, and you can integrate it with leading third-party tools. 

3. ThePredictiveIndex

Thousands of companies trust ThePredictiveIndex software to hire the best candidates for their open roles. The software helps you sort out suitable talent based on job performance, so you do not waste time assessing unqualified ones. Moreover, it offers instant insights regarding a candidate’s capabilities, so you understand them beyond what their resumes present. 

Note that ThePredictiveIndex features an in-built library of pre-assessment questionnaires to choose from. You can also add your own customized questions to ensure you find talent based on your business hiring needs. With this software, you can interview the best candidates and offer them a worthwhile experience. As a result, not only will you reduce turnover rates, but you will also build an excellent employer brand to attract more qualified talent and investors. 

4. Evalart

Evalart is a cloud-based pre-employment skills testing platform that hiring professionals use to measure candidates’ skills, aptitude, ability, and knowledge. It features a comprehensive library of skill gap assessment tests to choose from or customize your own to meet your business hiring needs. With Evalart, candidate evaluation is made easy since all you have to do is select suitable questionnaires and share the links with candidates via email for them to participate. 

Evalart helps you make quick decisions by providing real-time candidates’ scores and reports. You can decide to store the results for future reference and save time for conducting the procedure again. With multiple languages supported, Evalart pre-employment testing software will help you easily hire remote and diverse candidates. 

5. iMocha

iMocha is AI-powered to ensure all pre-employment assessments are accurate and you get to find the best talent without bias. You can use it to hire remote workers since it is user-friendly, customizable, and highly efficient in maximizing candidate experience. The software features over 2,500 skill gap assessment tests in its library, making it perfect for businesses in various industries. Moreover, you can decide to engage candidates using videos so you can fully understand their personalities and make the best hiring decisions. 

iMocha is also an excellent tool for virtual campus hiring. You can use it to assess the job readiness of graduates while receiving tips on skill gaps that need to be addressed. This way, you get to hire candidates while fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses. You can test it out via its free trial or demo to see whether it will fit your hiring requirements.

6. eSkill

eSkill talent assessment software gives you an opportunity to identify candidates with the right knowledge and experience to handle the available role. You can also use the software to assess internal training needs using its over 800 standard tests or customizable ones that match your job roles. For instance, hiring professionals using eSkill can easily understand candidates’ personalities using behavioral assessment tests and decide whether they suit specific roles. You can also test them using cognitive assessment tests and video response questions to clear all doubts. 

eSkill is compatible with mobile devices, and you can assess candidates anywhere, anytime. It also integrates with leading third-party software for the best hiring experience. On top of that, eSkill features an API that supports other custom software configurations. You can test it via its demo version and request pricing details to decide whether it fits your budget. 

7. TestInvite

TestInvite prides itself on being a cheating-free pre-employment assessment tool to help you make informed hiring decisions. With it, candidates have no chance of cheating since the software features webcam recording to record participants during the testing process and watch the videos later for the best decisions. TestInvite also features a screen lock, whereby candidates cannot access other apps or tabs while participating in tests. Plus, questions are randomly selected and frequently updated to prevent candidates from sharing what to expect in the tests. 

TestInvite allows you to create customized recruitment assessment tests that suit your hiring needs. The best element about this software is that it has no subscription or recurring payments. You only get to pay once a candidate is successfully hired. 

8. Resource Associates

If you are looking for talent assessment software with a wide range of pre-employment assessment tests covering various job categories, Resource Associates is your one-stop platform. This software allows you to explore different styles of pre-employment assessments, including role performance, personality style, mechanical reasoning, cognitive ability, etc. Besides offering over 200 pre-employment tests, Resource Associates allows you to customize your own to suit all your hiring needs. 

Keep in mind that Resource Associates is a user-friendly platform for skills assessment test for employment. Candidates can efficiently communicate with interviewers, considering that it features an excellent communication platform that encourages instant notifications. You can also integrate it with third-party ATS so you can streamline your entire recruitment process and hire the best talent fast. 

9. Testlify

Testlify is one of the top pre-employment assessment companies that eliminates the overwhelming and time-consuming recruitment procedures. The software is user-friendly and provides its users with accurate analysis to help them practice diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Its AI-powered features contribute to a fun, engaging, and quick pre-employment assessments that also boost candidate experience. 

The best element about Testlify is that it allows you to send personalized invites to your preferred candidates. This makes it an excellent pre-employment assessment tool when looking to hire passive candidates. On top of that, you can integrate it with third-party ATS to get deeper insights that will help you hire the right people. 

10. HR Avatar

HR Avatar is a user-friendly candidate screening tool with a library loaded with over 200 tests to choose from. You can also customize it using your own tests to fully understand candidates’ knowledge, skills, personality, and competencies in performing various tasks. Moreover, the software features live video interviews with real-time scoring for quick decisions without being bias. 

HR Avatar guarantees excellent candidate experience using its 2D character animation. Once a candidate receives an invitation link to participate in a pre-employment assessment, they get greeted by an HR avatar who takes them through the testing process and asks them to perform specific tasks to gauge their capabilities. You will then receive instant reports regarding the candidates’ performance and scores so you can make informed hiring decisions.  


There are numerous talent assessment software in the market today, and our list above will help you get started on a good note. Remember, the best software for your business hiring needs will help you quickly and effectively find the right candidate with the right skill set to maximize productivity. Your hiring process doesn’t have to be overwhelming and time-consuming, as this will only allow your competitors to get the best talent before you do. That being said, invest in the best pre-employment testing software and witness your business becoming more productive.

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