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10 Best Video Interview Software for 2024

Working remotely is now the new norm in business, especially after the onset of the 2020 Covid19 pandemic that left us spending time indoors. Employers or business owners have realized that remote working can be efficient and reliable, right from the hiring process to the delegation of tasks. 

Below, we shed light on the best video interview software to help you effectively manage your recruitment process. With such software, there is no need for on-premise interviews, which are usually costly and time-consuming. All you have to do is communicate virtually with candidates and quickly make the best hiring decisions. 

While video interview software helps in hiring a diversified workforce, note that there are plenty of these tools to choose from. Our recommendations below are worth considering in 2024, but remember to always consider your hiring needs when selecting one.

Best Video Interview Software 2024

1. VidCruiter

VidCruiter is a popular video interviewing software that has positively transitioned the recruitment process. It has streamlined the interviewing process by helping recruiters to engage prospective employees. This highly digitalized tool customizes all tasks, making the hiring process efficient and reliable.

VidCruiter provides a legal interviewing space, offering structured interviews. This feature allows the tool to stand in defense against discrimination charges. VidCruiter offers interviewing scheduling, skills testing, audio interviewing, reference checks, a free trial, and an affordable payment plan.

2. Willo

Willo is rated as one of the best remote interview tools by more than 1000 companies worldwide. It provides an excellent hiring experience by being cost-effective, flexible, and accessible worldwide. Its advanced remote recruiting tools have streamlined the hiring process, making it more efficient.

Willo suits small and medium-sized businesses starting to build up teams worldwide. It is easy to use, and setting up interviews does not take much of your time. Moreover, the platform provides uniformity in the standard questions sent to each candidate, making it possible to hire candidates asynchronously.

3. Spark Hire

Spark Hire ranks as one of the best platforms to record video interviews, used by large and small-sized organizations. This software will give you more insight into the candidates’ profiles and enhance your selection process. Spark Hire also integrates with tools like ATS, enabling you to promote your company brand during recruitment.

Some features that make Spark Hire a preferable video interview software 2024 include interview collaboration and evaluation. The software offers a free and paid plan for its customers. Plus, its platform is user-friendly and has a modern design, thus enabling startups or new users to enjoy their experience.

4. videoBIO Recruiter

As one of the best video interview platforms for recruitment, videoBIO Recruiter provides one-way and live interviews with AI features for every hiring stage. It customizes every role description by providing questionnaire templates and assessments for all the candidates. 

Additionally, the software acts as a screening, testing, and onboarding platform. If you want to reduce your time of hire and offer a diverse and inclusive interview process, videoBIO Recruiter is the best platform to record video interviews. With the tool, candidates also get to enjoy their experience since they will stay informed of every procedure in the hiring process from start to finish. 

5. HR Avatar

HR Avatar is a good video interviewing software that improves your hiring experience by offering video and pre-assessment tools. These tools enhance the effectiveness of the process through customizable structured interview questions providing a real-time experience. Furthermore, it applies artificial intelligence tools like personality assessment and centralizes all the candidates’ information for easy access and analysis.

Additionally, HR Avatar provides scheduling options that the recruiter and the candidate must agree on before the interview. You can also obtain a transcript of your conversation with the candidate for future reference. This software also integrates with other tools like Microsoft Outlook365 and Google Workspace to enhance the scheduling process.

6. NinjaInterview

Do you want collaborative video interview software for your team? NinjaInterview is one of the most common virtual interview platforms that brings together professionals and enterprises. This software’s assessment tools analyze candidates‘ character traits and behavior patterns to hire the best that will fit into your company’s culture.

Other features of NinjaInterview that make it one of the most reliable online interview tools include session recording, coding assessment, question library,  and candidate management. Moreover, with a free and paid plan, users can subscribe and enjoy the enhanced hiring process.

7. Kira Talents

Kira Talents is another good video interview software for 2024 since it features a Question Library, Interview Practice Sessions, Interview Management, and Recording. All these tools work together to enhance the hiring experience of candidates and recruiters. Moreover, it is easy to use and reliable when searching for candidates that meet your role description.

This software enhances the hiring experience by eliminating time-consuming and repetitive activities helping recruiters spend more time with the candidates. Additionally, it offers a fair, competitive ground for all candidates by setting a standardized assessment.

8. ScreeningHive

Do you need to integrate online interview tools in your hiring? ScreeningHive offers free video interviewing software to enhance your hiring experience. It is a cloud-based software that helps streamline the recruitment process. Moreover, users can integrate it with other leading communication tools to ensure video interviews are conducted to their satisfaction. 

The best element about ScreeningHive is that you can use it to send numerous invitations, prepare template questions, conduct interviews, review your candidates, and make your choice. As a result, cases of unconscious biases are reduced, promoting diversity and inclusivity due to its affordability.

9. Jobvite

With its on-demand video assessment solution, Jobvite Video improves and raises the standard of the candidate selection procedure. As the only online interviewing tool with direct integration with an applicant tracking system (ATS), Jobvite offers an edge over competing video interviewing platforms. This tool helps your hiring team stay on task and organized. 

The ability to share candidates’ recorded comments with your team is a unique feature of Jobvite’s interview technology that aids in quickly removing unwanted applicants. Additionally, this software ensures fair screening by sending all the candidates a standardized questionnaire; as result, improving the quality of hiring and eliminating biases.

10. Hireflix

Hireflix offers features like Demo Videos, Candidate Tracking, Candidate Reviews, and Interview Recording. All these features ensure that subscribers can quickly get the answers to their needs. Additionally, setting up the software is easy, making it reliable and preferable to newbies using video interview platforms for recruitment.

The one-way interview screening software is easy to use, offering more candidates in a shorter time and sharing recorded interviews. These tools boost the candidates’ experience by providing a no-scheduling technology that ensures candidates get interview questions and record answers on their own time.


Remote video interview tools are relevant not only in curbing the spread of Covid19 infections but also in increasing the efficiency of hiring. These tools have improved collaboration between hiring teams and candidates, not forgetting to streamline the hiring process. As a result, recruiters have reached great talent across the globe. Plus, users get to save time and money and boost their employer brand due to a fantastic candidate experience. That being said, assess your business needs and choose the best video interview software 2024, to remain competitive.

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