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10 Best Background Check Software for Employers

Candidate screening during recruitment is a vital stage that employers should not overlook. This process improves the security of an organisation in that employers hire the right people with the required qualifications. While traditional candidate screening methods were used to help hiring professionals source suitable talent, modern background check software for employers has streamlined the process of employee screening.

As technology advances, more software for background checks are introduced in the market. With numerous options to choose from, employers are looking for reliable software with modern features to ease users’ experience. Therefore, we prepared this article to provide a clear understanding of employee background investigation, its benefits and the best background check api for employers. In the end, you should be able to easily manage your hiring process and hire the best talent willing to work long-term. 

What is the Background Check Application?

A background check application is software designed to offer employers and job applicants thorough scrutiny of the information they provide. In recruitment, the candidate screening phase involves getting the educational background, employment background, and debt histories. Furthermore, with criminal background check software, one can learn if their prospects have any criminal records.

A good background check provider must be accredited and comply with the National Associations of Professional Background Screeners(NAPBS). Moreover, these companies must also work within the Consumer Reporting Agencies, which is answerable to the Fair Crediting Reporting Act (FCRA).

The employment screening software works with the applicant tracking system, allowing employers and HR teams to access the centralised background information easily. However, other software is embedded with core HR solutions and works as a package. So, why is it essential to use background check software?

With all that in mind, what background check do most employers use? Most hiring teams ask the question, and we are glad to answer it by discussing below the10 best employment screening software below.

Best Background Check API

1. VidCruiter

The background check technology platform VidCruiter gives firms tools to improve their hiring procedures. Since the software is so easily adaptable to the needs of both recruiters and candidates, the hiring process becomes flexible. Plus, using it help reduce hiring biases and costs. 

Additionally, the application is utilised to conduct video interviews online, giving candidates more flexibility in preparing for the selection process. Because of this, candidates have terrific experience using this background check software, and companies may hire workers remotely. The software also features pre-recorded interviews that contribute to eliminating scheduling and time zone conflicts. You get to review videos at your own convenient time.  

2. Checkr

This background check software is for small businesses, and it uses artificial intelligence technologies to speed up the background check process so you can make decisions quickly. Due to its speed, accuracy, and security, it delivers during talent acquisition; Checkr stands to be the most fantastic background api.

Checkr’s primary goal is to eliminate the stigma behind hiring talent with past criminal records since we all make mistakes, and there is always room for change. As a result, the software creates trust between employers and candidates. Therefore, a candidate will not succumb to joblessness if a criminal background check software confirms an issue.

3. Hireology

Hireology is a background check technology platform that offers hiring solutions with features like an applicant tracking system, collaborative talent acquisition, and interview documentation. These features make it easy to manage the interview process between teams.

Additionally, it is an open platform that allows direct data entry into the HRIS systems without putting in so much time. With well-designed text and email templates, Hireology enhances communication between employers and candidates, providing timely feedback, hence improving the hiring experience.

4. RUN Powered by ADP

This platform is a good background check software for small businesses, helping run payroll easily and quickly. Some payroll features include processing payroll at any time, calculating your taxes and deductions, generating sound reports, complying with federal tax laws, combining time tracking with payroll, and offering professional payroll experts.

Regarding HR, you will interact with qualified professionals who swiftly post job openings and give the best employee onboarding experience.

5. Complygate

This application is a cloud-based human resource management system (HRMS) that efficiently manages HR workflows. Its main objective is to manage the whole employee life cycle from hiring to retiring. It conducts employee background investigations to make employers feel great and confident in hiring. Some of its features are identity verification and document analyses.

Complygate prides itself on being one of the fastest candidate screening tools that help employers conduct candidate screening in hours. The software is flexible and customizable to meet employers’ specific hiring needs. 

6. IntelliCorp

IntelliCorp is a well-known background check service provider under the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). It provides legal screening services that allow employers to make informed hiring decisions. It also provides education and training programs that enhance value for employers.

Note that IntelliCorp helps you understand everything you need to know about a candidate you are hiring through its 360-degree view. You will verify their work history, check criminal records, medical and driving history, etc. It is one of the best tools for background checks we recommend for small businesses and large enterprises. 

7. Certn

The Certn background check software for employers offers fast and efficient employee screening services. The process is secure and does not limit any employer based on location. Certn is also known to be the best criminal background check software, conducting both local and international criminal background checks on candidates and organisations.

Additionally, Certn integrates with the applicant tracking system, i.e. Greenhouse and also leverages artificial intelligence to enhance identity verification for more accuracy. For the record, certn ranks the fastest background check api worldwide.

8. PeopleG2 An AccuSource Company

This background check service provider is the world’s best in performing drug test but also conduct other background checks on academics, criminal records etc., all to enhance their subscriber’s experience. With a SwifHire mobile solution, the platform reduces the menial work of data entry to create more time for the HR team to focus on other priorities. Furthermore, the company provides employers with trustworthy services, making them choose their talent objectively.

9. ComplianceLine SanctionCheck

Do you want to identify threats among your employees and prospects? ComplianceLine SanctionCheck is the best background check technology platform for you. The software screens for sanctions across different records in real-time. It also accesses relevant information you can review for exclusions before making the final decision.

The software is easy to use because it automates workflows, has simple interfaces and has an adaptive machine learning mechanism. Moreover, it is fast to implement and minimises third-party costs for only purchasing the features you need.

10. VICTIG Background Checks

VICTIG Background checks are the most sophisticated employee background check software that is easy to use and complies with the FCRA. Additionally, it is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association, offering services such as Sexual Offenders Registry, County Criminal Searches and many others. The software integrates with an applicant tracking system to provide a great hiring experience.

Note that this tool is suitable for small business and enterprise clients. Its pricing plan is also flexible, and you get to choose one suitable for your candidate screening needs. Most importantly, you can rely on the tool’s support service for professional guidance.

Benefits of Using Background Check Software

i) Background check software helps maintain compliance with regulatory bodies, reducing the chances of lawsuits and other fines.

ii) The software streamlines the screening process saving you time and resources to focus on other significant activities.

iii) Background check software helps employers to select the best talent from the numerous applicants by filtering them based on qualification and experience.

iv) The background check applications allow communication between recruiters and the candidates, plus storing their information. As a result, the recruitment process is made more accessible and fosters a good candidate experience.


Companies receive numerous job applications from candidates with various personalities, some of whom might fabricate a resume. Due to overlooked errors in the candidates’ information, the recruiting staff frequently makes poor talent selections. However, understanding a person’s employment history, criminal history, and work qualifications may screen out unwanted characteristics with a well-established background check software for businesses. 

Incorporating the best background check API into your business workflow is crucial. Therefore, choose software depending on your needs and budget to make the most incredible hiring selections and subsequently boost your company’s efficiency.

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