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10 Best Social Media Recruiting Tools for Talent Sourcing in 2023

Recruitment agencies and job seekers worldwide have become more connected thanks to social media platforms. Because most job seekers conduct their searches on these platforms, recruiters and hiring professionals are guaranteed to meet some of the most outstanding talents in the market. However, as a recruiter, knowing where to look and devise inventive tactics to find potential candidates on a social media network is crucial.

So, how can social media be used as a recruiting tool and which social media platform is best for recruiting? This article will answer these questions and give you the ten best social media tools for 2023 our expert researchers and analysts approve to help you enhance your recruiting experience.

So, with that in mind, which social media platform is best for recruiting in 2023? Below, we list the best social media channels for recruiters.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform worldwide, with the most significant number of users, including job seekers. For this reason, Facebook is considered the best for recruiting because recruiters reach the largest pool of candidates compared to other social media channels for recruiters. This platform offers a great job board, providing many ways of interacting with candidates and marketing your company brand.

Therefore, recruiters should invest in Paid Facebook Advertising to benefit from this platform. These social media recruiting practices allow you to narrow your target audience by your required specifications, i.e. skills/interests. Besides the ads, you can also create a Facebook Fan Page to directly communicate and engage candidates, posting job ads and educating candidates on your company culture.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best-known professional social media recruiting platform recruiters use to source candidates. The site is user-friendly since you can directly search for a specialist who is actively searching for jobs, and it also allows you to engage with passive candidates directly.

 This site also promotes social media recruiting by saving your searches and automatically notifying the recruiters of new talent joining the platform. Furthermore, CRM tools automatically rank your candidates, helping you make an informed talent choice. So, being a professional site, it beats Facebook to be the best social media platform for recruiting.

3. Twitter

To find talent through the internet, Twitter fits our list of social media recruiting tools, for it commands many users. It allows you to search by using the hashtag to specify the topic of interest. As a social media recruiting tool, it will enable companies to build their professional brand on the site and fosters direct communication between candidates and recruiters.

Additionally, searching for candidates using the hashtag provides you with a job search list and candidates’ leads. You get to know information beyond your followers, giving you a large talent pool to select your candidates. Moreover, reading hashtag tweets can also allow you to identify thought leaders and connect with them.

4. Instagram

This platform is shared among millennials, who comprise a significant percentage of job applicants. Recruiters leverage this visual-based platform to source candidates, and they need to be strategic in creating visual job descriptions, which can be pictures or videos. This strategy attracts talent through tantalising prospects’ attention.

Like Twitter, Instagram allows you to search for candidates using hashtags. It’s also easier for candidates to find your job advertisement and understand what your business is all about. 

5. Jobvite

Leveraging your current employees’ networks can be the best way to acquire talent for your job role. Jobvite plays this role by sharing job invites on social sites and promoting employee referrals. This platform integrates with an applicant tracking system to track applicants, specify hiring requirements and automatically send emails to your employees requesting them to make referrals from their networks.

Jobvite conducts a total candidate score after the applicants reach out, and finally, you will get the results to make a decision. Although this platform is more expensive than other social media marketing tools, working with it is faster and more efficient.

6. GitHub

GitHub helps you find talent through social media by marketing your best work. Moreover, information technology recruiters use this platform to source technical candidates, offering a centralised dashboard to access candidates’ and employers’ profiles. As a result, the solution provides the best candidate experience, leading to more applicants.

7. Feedly

As the name suggests, the Feedly platform provides information on trending social media recruiting practices. Aftermath, the recruiters can share the recruitment news with their followers on other social media platforms, helping to build the company brand. In addition, Feedly streamlines the content curation to build a solid team of talent and recruiters with correct information from suitable sources.

8. Quora

Quora is a question-answer-based social media platform used to source for passive candidates. It offers access to professionals and specialists who are already working but would like to explore their careers further. With this tool, recruiters can diversify their workforce and create a qualified talent pipeline.

9. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an essential platform for connecting with the talent pool; most of its followers are already part of its contact pool. When looking for fresh talent, Glassdoor is your best social media tool. 

10. Google+

Google+ is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, and since its release, there have been many subscribers in the form of bloggers and social media influencers. Recruiters can easily track candidates and engage them in working for their firms, and it also allows you to contact your candidates privately to recruit them on the platform.

How can Social Media Platforms be Used As a Recruiting Tool?

Recruiters need to be strategic when using social media recruitment tools. The process requires commitment and determination to stay competitive in talent acquisition and create a quality talent pipeline for future hiring. The following are the three approaches to using social media as a recruiting tool.

i) Building connections and forming relationships with social media members are essential social media recruiting practices that recruiters must embrace to get to their desired talent. From your connections, you will be able to reach out to quality talent from among them or through their networks.

ii) Recruiters to create a company page where you can post your job ads and tag members whose profiles suggest a match for your role requirement. On this page, you also need to post engaging content about your company to attract candidates.

iii) Continuous engagement with prospects. You can use social media as a recruiting tool through communication with candidates, showcasing your company brand and culture.

iv) Employers share live content with prospects to give candidates a clear picture of what to expect in your company.

v) You can leverage your employees’ social media networks to source the best candidates.


You must thoroughly understand social media platforms and their capabilities to find talent. To increase your chances of snagging the best talent, you can log into several social media sites and identify the one that works best for your business needs. Additionally, you should monitor your hiring metrics and outcomes to determine the finest social media recruitment strategies. Overall, ensure you understand the operations of a social media platform for the best experience. You can also encourage your employees to engage in social media marketing to boost your employer’s brand and attract the best candidates.

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